2015-09-01 – BCUC needs months to investigate safety complaint

2015-09-02 – Provincial consumer protection can’t oversee smart meter safety

2015-09-03 – ITRON has a solar meter

2015-09-04 – A new call for the precautionary principle and for research on EHS

2015-09-05  – More ways to get our data

2015-09-06 – WHO reportedly will announce recognition of EHS

2015-09-07 – In Pennsylvania, after 13 years, Smart meters at end of useful life

2015-09-08  – South California  utility allowing analogs

2015-09-09 – Consumer Protection Act doesn’t apply to smart meters or the bases!!

2015-09-10 – $125 million lawsuit against Ontario Hydro One for its billing practices

2015-09-11 – Net metering, utility backlash

2015-09-12  – A call for us to get answers from politicians about their stance re. wireless

2015-09-13  – Videos of presentations re. “Cellphone and Wireless Risks to Children

2015-09-14  – Contact info re. MP candidates

2015-09-15 – Erroneous bill after meter exchanged

2015-09-16 – Hackers targeting Cisco’s collectors

2015-09-17  – Lawsuit filed against ITRON for patent infringement!

2015-09-18 – FCC admits many workers are being exposed to dangerous levels of RF

2015-09-19 – Study shows exposure to wifi can effect heart

2015-09-20 – Youtubes of smart meter interfering with baby monitor and Hydro lying

2015-09-21 – Federal judge upholds Berkeley’s “right to know” re cell phones

2015-09 -22 – In Michigan ITRON meters have failed.

 2015-09-23 – Going off the grid is becoming cheaper

2015-09-24  – Other countries implementing precautionary principle re. wifi, but not Canada

2015-09-25 – Consumer Report “Does cell-phone radiation cause cancer?”

2015-09-26 – Report showing how Peel wifi testing was skewed.

2015-09-27  – How the industry has taken over the FCC (and probably Health Canada).

2015-09-28  – Reporter wants to hear about Fortis’s threats

2015-09-29 – A major first in the US schools re. wifi

2015-09-30  – People being harassed and threatened by BCHydro AGAIN

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