2015-09-18 FCC admits many workers are being exposed to dangerous levels of RF

  • Please sign this petition to tell the US military that they do not have the right to irradiate our homes and families.


More info at: http://www.savetheolympicpeninsula.org/


  • The FBI recently sent an announcement warning about the vulnerability of the internet of things (IoT) and wireless devices to cybersecurity attacks and cybercrime. BC Hydro and FortisBC are using the internet to invade our homes, without our permission and without our having a choice.

Recently we have discussed several flaws that could be exploited by attackers to conduct illegal activities. Crooks are able to exploit home routers, fridges and baby monitors to carry on illegal activities, crimes that could impact million of users worldwide. I wrote an interesting analysis, titled “How Hackers Violate Privacy and Security of the Smart Home” to explain how Internet of Things could be exploited to hack modern smart home.  (Please click on the green links to read more)

Smart objects could be hacked in different ways and for different reasons, they could be affected by vulnerabilities such as the “UPnP vulnerabilities” recently discovered, or they could be simply poorly configured (e.g. adoption of unchanged default passwords).

Every Internet of Things devices is insecure if it is not properly deployed and configured, for this reason the FBI invites end-customers to get smart objects away from the Internet.




  • In a letter to FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, the powerful Democrats said that “even though the FCC recommends that wireless carriers control exposure to harmful RF radiation using safety protocols such as signs, barricades, and training, it has come to our attention that these recommendations have not consistently been implemented to protect workers.”

They said beyond the hazards to cell tower workers of free-standing structures, the towers are now found atop all kinds of buildings from apartments and schools to hospitals, churches and fire stations, “putting RF technicians but also roofers, water proofers, electricians, carpenters, building maintenance personnel, HVAC technicians, painters, firefighters” and others at risk from the radiation.



These YouTubes pertain to hidden/unmarked cell transmitters. Someone (who remains unknown to me) surreptitiously taped a presentation by an insurance company rep to agents and sent it to me about 5 years ago. The purpose was to advise the agents that they should tell their clients that there was a potential liability if they had antennae on their buildings and someone became exposed. (We had to break this one tape into 3 due to size.)


I thought this would be of significance to union groups whose workers would be most likely to come into contact with these, and I sent information to perhaps a dozen groups. I received not one response. Perhaps it’s time to try sending them out again.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_5truC-REs Part 1

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hh0BRgvDAW8  Part 2

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sR4eWEvY8eQ  Part 3


  • In Michigan, the utilities are really pushing it, turning off power to a 92 year old’s home, saying it was in her best interest. She is a feisty lady!



  • $$meter protest in New Jersey and complaints that the time-of-use and $15 opt out fee are unfair. We’re (those of us in BC Canada) still #1!



  • And from Sechelt BC re. Smart water meters.



  • BC Hydro is loose and lax, at least in TOFINO BC.  What does time matter when you’re being paid billions?



  • RE: member asking about increased Corix activity in New Westminster, it seems that meters are being checked for accuracy. I hope that those installing meters are not the poorly trained workers that installed smart meters.

At the present time the City has no immediate plans to introduce Smart Meters. Replacement meters will be basic digital manual read or electromechanical type meters. The City is reviewing its current meter inventory and considering all available options to meet the City’s future needs





From: Jerry Flynn
Sent: September 16, 2015
To: ‘Debbie Comis’ <DComis@parksville.ca>;

‘Mayor Marc Lefebvre’ <Mayor@parksville.ca>; ‘Councillor Beil’ <mbeil@shaw.ca>; ‘Councillor Greir’ <hockeypuck1@shaw.ca>; ‘Councillor Oates’ <kirkoates@gmail.com>; ‘Councillor Patterson’ <tc.patterson@shaw.ca>; ‘Councillor Powell’ <kfsue@shaw.ca>; ‘Leanne Salter’ <leannesalter@shaw.ca>; premier@gov.bc.ca; ‘terry.lake.mla@leg.bc.ca’; ‘suzanne.anton.mla@leg.bc.ca’; ‘oppositionleader@leg.bc.ca’; ‘scott.fraser.mla@leg.bc.ca’; mike.farnworth.mla@leg.bc.ca; adrian.dix.mla@leg.bc.ca; ‘editor@pqbnews.com’
Cc: ‘perry.kendall@gov.bc.ca’; ‘bonnie.henry@gov.bc.ca’; ‘evan.adams@gov.bc.ca’; arichmond@cariboord.bc.ca; murry.krause@cinhs.org; rmartin@csrd.bc.ca; clrjang@vancouver.ca; wbaldwin@whiterockcity.ca; stewartmayor@gmail.com; akaehn@rdffg.bc.ca; rglumac@portmoody.ca; amorse@bimbc.ca; mayor@invermere.net; cpuchmayr@newwestcity.ca; bprice@comox.ca; jimabram@xplornet.ca; oakbaymayor@oakbay.ca; cshuman@dawsoncreek.ca; asingh@kamloops.ca; nelson45_00@yahoo.com

Subject: Dr. Perry Kendall – Wireless Radiation – City of Parksville (Like every municipality in B.C.)

September 16, 2015

Dear Debbie,

My initiative to meet with Parksville’s Mayor and Council was prompted by a Parksville councillor who approached me to ask if I would offer my expertise – free of charge – to the City on matters dealing with wireless radiation and wireless radio devices. I agreed.

It is not only the City of Parksville, but ALL Canadians who need to wake up and realize that:

1)  Health Canada, Industry Canada and British Columbia’s own Provincial Health Officer, Dr. Perry Kendall, are not – and never have been – telling us the truth about the harmful biological and health effects people experience when constantly exposed to the “low-level, pulsed, NON-thermal microwave radiation” that is emitted by all of today’s galaxy of wireless consumer products (e.g.: baby monitors, Wi-Fi routers, cell phones, cell towers, cordless phones, Bluetooth, tablet and laptop computers, GPS, etc.) and Smart Meters! (People have too-soon forgotten tobacco, asbestos, leaded paint, Thalidomide, etc.)

2)  aside from the above ‘authorities’ (who are supposed to be protecting us) it is only industry-paid scientists and those promoting or benefiting from the sale of wireless products who say “wireless” is safe;

3)  not one of today’s wireless products, including baby monitors and Smart Meters, has had to undergo pre-market safety testing by independent scientists to first prove they are safe to be used by, on and around people on a continuous basis 24/7/365 in perpetuity;

4)  the telephone industry’s own studies in the U.S. and Germany have shown cell phones are harmful to humans;

5)  non-industry scientists say that NON-thermal radiation causes, promotes or is linked to brain tumors, many cancers, gastric bleeding, leukemia, chromosome breakages, Autism, ADD, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, clouding of the eye lenses, etc.;

6)  In June, 2015, more than 50 Canadian scientists condemned Safety Code 6 and urged Health Canada to protect Canadians from today’s radiation!

7)  in May, 2015, well over 200 world-class scientists and health care specialists from 40 countries appealed directly to the Secretary General of the U.N., to all U.N.-member nations and to the Director General of the WHO urging to them to “protect humans and wildlife from electromagnetic radiation and wireless technology!”

8)  in 2014, 53 scientists from 18 countries condemned Safety Code 6 and urged Health Canada to intervene in order to prevent a looming health crisis! And,

9)  in 2014, 22 Canadian doctors condemned Safety Code 6 and called on Health Canada to protect Canadians from radio frequency  radiation exposure!

QUESTION: In view of the above, especially #8, why has Dr. Perry Kendall, who has been paid since 1999 to protect the health and well-being of all British Columbians, not urged the provincial government to impose the “Precautionary Principle” as many jurisdictions in the world have done?

Even South Korea did this – – in response to public outcry!  Had Dr. Perry Kendall acted responsibly, the onus would have been shifted to Industry to first prove their products are safe before they were allowed to be used in British Columbia.  It would have forced all wireless devices to reduce their power to the absolute minimum necessary for them to operate. In other words, they’d have to abide by the ALARA principle: “As Low As Reasonably Achievable.” Tragically for all British Columbians, instead of protecting us from NON-thermal radiation for these past 16 years, Dr. Perry Kendall has instead seen fit to simply accept, promote and even defend whatever Health Canada and Industry Canada tell him.  Despite the international condemnation of Health Canada’s Safety Code 6, Dr. Perry Kendall stubbornly insists that if a wireless product or device complies with Safety Code 6, it must be safe! Had Dr. Kendall done his job properly, wireless Smart Meters, baby monitors, Wi-Fi routers, cordless phones, Bluetooth, etc. would not have been allowed in British Columbia!


To explain how/why I became immersed in this shockingly evil and inhumane wireless travesty: until about six years ago I was a typical faceless, nondescript, happily-retired person who contented himself in his workshop learning how to build projects of wood. But I was rudely awakened when I learned that I was being forced – by law – to have a wireless Smart Meter installed on my home! That event changed my life forever – just as it has every person living in British Columbia (they just don’t know it yet – but they will!) BC Hydro couldn’t care less about my open heart surgery in January 2013, nor that I have a pacemaker embedded in my chest! I was told by them that if I dared remove the Smart Meter, they would cut off my power! This is democracy? Knowledge is power, so that’s when I began my exhaustive research into wireless Smart Meters and, subsequently, into consumer wireless radio products. If people knew the truth, there would be riots in the streets! Read on.

Globally, governments have allowed electric power utilities to go to extraordinary lengths to deceive, mislead, misinform and even lie to the public in order to keep them ignorant, dumbed-down and silent. For instance, the public are not told that Smart Meters contain two (2) microwave transmitters, one of which will constantly emit “low-level, pulsed, NON-thermal microwave radiation” around the clock – in perpetuity. The other transmitter will emit its pulsed NON-thermal microwave radiation periodically around the clock. Nor do utilities tell us that the primary transmitter, the “LAN” (Local Area Network), which is active (i.e. emitting its radiation) constantly on 910 MHz, has a range of about 3 Km (almost two miles) – meaning that each Smart Meter will irradiate every home in most communities! Nor do they tell us about the 2nd microwave transmitter, the “ZigBee,” which is the quintessential Trojan Horse! Operating on the microwave oven – repeat – microwave oven (think of cooking food and heating/boiling liquids) frequency of 2.4 GHz, the ZigBee’s sole function is to control the 15-or-so “Smart” appliances – repeat – 15-or-so “Smart” appliances which electric utilities never tell us about but which they all envision will be in everyone’s home eventually! Nor do they tell us that every Smart appliance will have its own ZigBee-compatible transmitter which will emit its pulsed NON-thermal microwave radiation also on the microwave oven – repeat – microwave oven frequency of 2.4 GHz!  Nor do utilities want us to know that Smart Appliances will irradiate for up to 150 feet, meaning that they will bathe up to eight (8) or so of our nearest neighbors with yet another layer of radiation! None of these 17-or-so transmitters (15 of which are INSIDE every home) can be shut off, and 16 of the 17 transmitters will emit their NON-thermal radiation on the microwave oven – repeat – microwave oven frequency of 2.4 GHz! (Again, microwave ovens heat food and boil liquids on this very same frequency!  The human brain, in particular, but also the rest of a human body is largely liquid! Stop and let this sink in, parents. Think about it!) Electric utilities also never mention the Collector meter, which every ‘meshed-networked” community must have. Collector meters convey every iota of data to, from and between Smart appliances, Smart Meters and the utility – in both directions – day and night! It boggles the mind trying to imagine what aggregate amount of radiation must constantly swirl in and around a Collector meter – which could be near or actually on your home! Were you so unlucky, the Collector’s unimaginable amount of radiation would simply add to the radiation that was originating from within your own home! Nor do electric utilities ever mention the unavoidably  incessant (day and night) relaying of data – in both directions – involving other homes (which can vary from dozens to literally hundreds of homes) – as every bit of data flows to, from and between homes, their Smart appliances, Smart Meters and the utility!  Nor do utilities mention the Switched Mode Power Supply (in every Smart Meter) which will cause horrific amounts of harmful “Dirty Electricity” that will migrate on house wiring and spread throughout an entire home! Nor will any electric utility admit that Smart Meters all over the world have caused fires or damaged electrical appliances in homes! Nor do they mention that, without exception, the blame for fires and damaged appliances is always attributed to the hapless customer. Nor do they mention radiation ‘hot-spots’ within a home, which are caused by the radiation reflecting off stainless steel surfaces, granite counter tops, tiled floors etc.! Nor do electric utilities ever mention the extensive ‘data-mining’ that will be done on your home – constantly! Homes and those living in them will have no secrets with Smart Meters. Even the former head of the U.S. CIA Director, David Patraeus, admitted they will have access to your data!  Another inescapable fact: virtually all customers’ monthly electric bills go up – most go much higher, some double, others triple and some have gone even higher! Nor will electric utilities anywhere admit that their wireless Smart Meters – like any wireless device ever invented – can be hacked. And they have been – which could well expose your home to break-ins etc.!

Having spent 22 of my 26+ years in Canada’s military in Electronic Warfare and Signals Intelligence, I am fully aware of the dangers of wireless radiation – especially NON-thermal (that which does not heat the skin). I know that since the 1950s militaries of the world have conducted exhaustive research of all frequencies within the entire radio frequency (RF) spectrum specifically to identify those which can inflict the most harm on humans (having weaponry in mind). Consequently, militaries knew decades ago that:

1)  microwave frequencies are THE perfect military weapon, for they cannot be seen, smelled, tasted, heard or felt (all modern militaries today have ever-expanding arsenals of microwave weapons);

2)  the human brain is extremely sensitive to pulsed NON-thermal microwave radiation, as are a person’s central nervous and immune systems (with this understanding, now re-visit the previous paragraph on Smart Meters and try to imagine HOW MUCH radiation men, women, children, pets and all life forms will be blanketed with because they live in a Smart Meter-based “meshed-community”!);

3)  the very frequencies on which baby monitors, Smart Meters, Wi-Fi routers, cordless phones, cell phones, cellphone towers, Bluetooth, tablet and laptop computers, GPS etc. emit their NON-thermal radiation are THE MOST HARMFUL TO HUMANS! (Industry Canada is to blame for this, for it is they who assigned and licensed today’s consumer wireless products and Smart Meters to use these specific frequencies!);

4)  pulsed, NON-thermal radiation is more harmful to humans and all living things than is CW (continuous wave), which is emitted by microwave ovens; and,

5)  Non-industry scientists say there is no such thing as a SAFE “threshold” of radiation; the only SAFE “level” is zero”! (Re-reading this, can anyone possibly imagine what horrific total/combined amount of radiation must result from Smart Meters and all of the other wireless devices now in our society today? Can anyone possibly think we are not being harmed? Especially pregnant women, embryos and children?)


With respect to the City of Parksville, I would like an opportunity to demonstrate to Mayor and Council, i.e., let them HEAR the microwave radiation from all of the wireless devices that now bathes each of them, all City Hall employees and on all visitors to City Hall. I fully understand the enormous angst and unprecedented dilemma this letter will cause Parksville’s Mayor and Council, but under the circumstances, what other option is there? If not Mayor and Council, who else has the authority to deal with this? The truth has to come out! British Columbians must be protected from what honest scientists around the world consider is: “The greatest single threat to human health in our history,” referring to today’s NON-thermal radiation! Other distinguished scientists have said: “It is the largest technological experiment in human history – without the informed consent of those being experimented upon.” As evidence of my sincerity and conviction, I urge Mayor and Council to invite Dr. Perry Kendall to attend my demonstration so that he too can HEAR the radiation. Both he and I would then be available to answer questions. I ask only that I be advised in advance of whomever else is going to be present.
In conclusion, Debbie, I’m sure you’ll agree now that this recondite subject matter falls well beyond the scope of your responsibilities as the Director of Administrative Services. It truly does warrant the undivided attention of those who were elected to govern: Mayor and Council. While I know that no municipal government anywhere has the requisite expertise to deal properly with wireless radiation, it is, nonetheless, their responsibility to do their utmost to protect their constituents. The evidence is clear and unmistakable that Health Canada and Industry Canada are the architects behind this “Crime Against Humanity,” which others have called a genocide! Similarly, the evidence is equally irrefutable that British Columbia’s own PHO, Dr. Perry Kendall, whose job is – and has been for these past 16 years – to protect the health and well-being of all British Columbians, continues to be grossly negligent and shamefully derelict in his duties.  Since 1999, he has demonstrated repeatedly that he is nothing more than a mouth-piece for Health Canada.  For these reasons, the responsibility to protect the public defaults to municipal governments to deal as best they can with this impossibly thorny but incredibly serious global issue. Ultimately, I expect the City of Parksville, like all British Columbia municipalities, will be obliged to appeal to the UBCM to assume ownership of this issue – whether they too like it or not. There is no one else!. For the good of mankind, this travesty (which truly is global in scope) must stop! While I can certainly provide all of the evidence needed to support my allegations, it can also be obtained from the Citizens For Safe Technology, Canadians 4 Safe Technology or the Coalition To Stop Smart Meters.

Please notify me when it will be convenient for Mayor and Council to see me. Once again, if time is an issue, I can limit my demonstration as necessary to suit Mayor and Council, but I can remain as long as necessary to answer questions. Thank you.


I personally have written numerous emails to Dr. Perry Kendall over these past several years – not one of which has even been acknowledged let alone answered. I and many others have tried to apprise him of what more enlightened European countries have done and are doing about wireless radiation – especially with respect to protecting pregnant women, embryos, infant children, the elderly and the unwell. I and others have told him about both the BioInitiative 2007 Report and the subsequent 2012 Report, amongst others, but he remains obdurately silent – as if he wished I and others would simply tire and go away. If only he could understand that this whole wireless tragedy truly constitutes a Crime Against Humanity! Honesty eventually will prevail!


James G. (“Jerry”) Flynn, Captain (Retired)


Newsletter prepared by Sharon Noble

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”  Martin Luther King, Jr.

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