2015-09 -22 In Michigan ITRON meters have failed.

  • Below in letters is a template that you could send to candidates in your area, helping to make them aware of this important topic and asking them to take a stance. Attached are the HESA recommendations as well as a fact sheet which is very simple and clear. Please consider making the template your own (with your name, the candidates’ names)  and sending or giving at a meeting.


  • In the Sept. 20 update I had attached the DTE document that is above, which was referred to in a letter I received from a person in Michigan. I neglected to draw your attention to it being an internal report by an engineer at DTE Energy in which he notes that, as of April 2015, several ITRON Openway meters had “failed due to overvoltage”. The covers of the meters had blown off.  There also have been fires and I am trying to get documentation on them.

DTE admits, meters fail


  • “For whatever reason, a lot of electrical organizations are not practicing the fundamental aspects of cybersecurity,” Thomas told us. “This is not a newfangled thing.”

 “The current baseline level needs to be jacked up higher, especially where it concerns smaller power providers, Thomas said. As smaller providers deploy “internet of things” (IOT) devices, such as smart meters, some are “just buying them off the shelf and deploying them to customers without looking at the security features of those devices.

“And they’re not installing them with the level of security the manufacturer actually offers, so they basically leave it wide open, even though the manufacturer may have added security features that the installer needs to implement.”




Please email your Electoral Candidates and ask them for their support for the unanimous recommendations of a Health Canada Committee (HESA) to educate Canadians about safer WIRELESS use. Do something for the well being of present and future generations that will JUST TAKES A MINUTE right now! With the election coming, this is THE time to ask for your candidates help in this important issue! Please take a quick minute right now to make a lasting difference to the health of all Canadians. We need your help!!!

You can email all candidates at once, just copy and paste the following letter (or share your own thoughts) into an email through the C4ST website http://www.c4st.org/DoesYourCandidateCare. Here are 2 documents you can forward to them as well. Don’t know your riding? You can check through http://c4st.org/CandidatesWhoCare.

Please forward this message along to anyone that you can think of in the hopes that we can improve the health of Canadians as recommended by the HESA committee.

With thanks and warm wishes (and thanks to Janis for this template),



Dear Candidate in the _____Riding,

In June 2015 the Conservatives, Liberals, and NDP members on the Parliamentary Health Committee (HESA) unanimously voted to educate and protect Canadians from the growing concern around wireless radiation hazards based on the growing body of evidence showing harm to DNA from exposure at exposure levels far lower than previously thought.

I am a constituent in this riding who is concerned about the issue of Wireless Radio Frequency Microwave Radiation (WIFI) hazards so

I am writing to ask all candidates running in my riding, if elected, to agree to support efforts to work with Health Canada and other appropriate agencies and organizations to:

  • Develop an awareness campaign relating to the safe use of wireless technologies, such as cell phones and Wi-Fi, in key environments such as the school and home. 
  • Investigate, and potentially adopt, measures taken in other countries to limit the exposure of vulnerable populations, including infants, and young children in the school environment to radio frequency microwave radiation (aka WIFI).
  • Improve the testing, diagnosis, treatment and data collection regarding electromagnetic hypersensitivity and its possible impact on health in the workplace . 
  • Establish a system to report potential adverse reactions to radio frequency fields (per a Health Canada Committee recommendation some years ago).

To register your support simply sign on at the Canadians for Safe Technology website page for Candidates who Care at www.c4st.org/CandidatesWhoCare

Canadians for Safe Technology is a national volunteer organization made up of 75 Riding Representatives and thousands of citizens. This is a non-partisan issue with cross party support on the HESA Findings of the 41st parliamentary session.  C4ST is registered as a Third Party with Elections Canada.

There are many resources to educate yourself and your family, available at the C4ST.org  website.

Thank you for your willingness to take a stand for protecting the children in particular and for your efforts on all our behalf in general.

Best regards,

<your name>

Attached are a Fact Sheet and the Parliamentary Health Committee (HESA) recommendations

412_HESA_Rpt13-e 2015 report

C4ST MP Candidates Fact Sheet(1)-1


From: X
Sent: September 19, 2015 2:06 PM
To: contact <contact@straight.com>; editor <editor@thetyee.ca>; rob <rob@robwipond.com>; tips <tips@cheknews.ca>; editor <editor@saanichnews.com>; cfaxnews <cfaxnews@cfax1070.com>; cbcnewsvancouver <cbcnewsvancouver@cbc.ca>; cvuvpsa <cvuvpsa@uvic.ca>; localnews <localnews@timescolonist.com>; islandnews <islandnews@ctv.ca>; greg.reimer <greg.reimer@bchydro.com>; lana.popham.mla <lana.popham.mla@leg.bc.ca>; elizabeth.may <elizabeth.may@greenparty.ca>; premier <premier@gov.bc.ca>; john.horgan.mla <john.horgan.mla@leg.bc.ca>; jessica.mcdonald <jessica.mcdonald@bchydro.com>; bill.bennett.mla <bill.bennett.mla@leg.bc.ca>; adrian.dix.mla <adrian.dix.mla@leg.bc.ca>; norm.macdonald.mla <norm.macdonald.mla@leg.bc.ca>; leader <leader@greenparty.bc.ca>; smartmeters <smartmeters@bchydro.com>; info.utilities <info.utilities@corix.com>
Subject: Re: BC Hydro Meter No Choices

September 18, 2015

Via Electronic Mail and Canada Post to:
BC Hydro
Smart Meter Specialist Department
6911 Southpoint Drive, Burnaby BC, V3N 4X8

Attention: Jessica McDonald, CEO BC Hydro, jessica.mcdonald@bchydo.com
and B.C. Hydro, Corix Utilities, and agents and/or assignees thereof:
smartmeters@bchydro.com and info.utilities@corix.com

Dear Sirs/Mesdames:

I had hoped for a reasonable response from BC Hydro, and wrote my
original letter with an attitude of hope, but was not surprised to
receive the typical fascistic response we ratepayers have come to know and love over the past several years.

I do not accept this response. We are well aware of the law. We are also aware that laws can be interpreted, and there is nothing to stop Hydro adding the current analog meter on the property of xxxxx  to
the account of yyyyy ., which has always been in good standing,
and for which the exorbitant, unfair, punitive “Legacy” fees have always been paid. In fact, we are existing account holders, and this is our current residence, so your reasoning in your refusal does not stand up, even by your own logic.

This is simply the way Hydro is choosing to gradually get rid of
analogs—through attrition. People are forced to move, change their
circumstance, even change the name on an account after a death and WHAM! “Smart” meter for you! But, just as we refused to accept a “smart” meter in 2011, so we continue to refuse in 2015. There is absolutely no real reason why we should not be able to retain the current analog. The fake reasons are: Hydro is a monopoly, and resisters must be punished.

Hydro does not have a “Choices” program. I have written this repeatedly, and it has never been more clear than in this situation. Hydro has a No Choice program. We, the ratepayers, the taxpayers, have no choices, no voice. Millions of BC residents have had “smart” meters forced on them, and thousands have been threatened, have had power cut off, have had medical care compromised because they refused to accept that they did indeed have “no choice.” We also refuse to accept that we have no choice.

We will continue to protect our analog meters. We will make every attempt to stop the replacement of the current analog meter with a “smart” meter.
If Hydro shows up unannounced to attempt a replacement, I will happily block your entrance onto my property. I will also happily call every media outlet in the area, so I can explain, on camera, exactly how your “No Choices” program works.

We know that someday this will all change, and that we will win this
battle in the end. The evidence is mounting. For instance, in another
Victoria, the one in Australia, the auditors found absolutely no benefits to the “smart” meter program after 9 years and 2.2 billion dollars.     And of course the auditor in Ontario reached the same conclusion–no benefits, too much money and a poor business case.

It is because of the resistance of people like us that we have the
pathetic “Choices” program in the first place. Hydro was publicly shamed into a compromise. And though we will win in the end, in the meantime, people with EHS suffer, people develop EHS, and small children are exposed to radiation in ways that we will find, years down the line, have harmed them, possibly irreparably. New examples, such as the EHS woman in Michigan who had her breathing apparatus turned off for refusing to accept a smart meter, come to light daily.

So, no, “Larissa” with no last name, I do not accept your ultimatum. No, I will not accept your additional charges. Yes, I will take it to my MLA, to media, to the lawyers representing our lawsuit, to whomever, in fact, will help us resist this undemocratic and pernicious lack of choice.


CC: contact@straight.com
Smart Meters
“Popham.MLA, Lana”
On Wed, 16 Sep 2015 15:21:26 +0000, Smart Meters wrote:

Dear Mr. X

Thank you for your September 15, 2015 email regarding BC Hydro’s Meter Choices program.

The Meter Choices Program, announced by the Provincial Government in July 2013, offered customers who did not yet have a smart meter at their home a choice between:

§ a standard smart meter – free of charge;

§ a radio-off meter – for a fee; and

§ keeping an old meter while stocks last – for a fee.

These options were only available to existing account holders at their current residence.

As B and A each have their own meter, they are considered two different services, and as such will be two accounts.

You cannot duplicate Meter Choices Program eligibility to new accounts and all new accounts are serviced by smart meters which are now standard BC Hydro operating equipment. Therefore if you want to continue the legacy choice for your current account, and you open an additional account for A, BC Hydro will install a smart meter

According to the terms of service outlined in the Electric Tariff,
customers must provide clear, unobstructed access to BC Hydro’s
equipment, including meters. If BC Hydro or authorized installers are
denied access to our meter, or prevented from completing a planned
exchange, a $65.00 failed installation charge will be added to the
customer’s bill.

The $65.00 fee has been approved by the B.C. Utilities Commission. It applies to both residential and commercial customers, and ensures the expense of sending a crew to the property is recovered from the customer who prevents access, rather than all customers.

If you have any further questions or concerns about BC Hydro’s Meter Choices Program, please contact BC Hydro’s Smart Metering Specialist Team at 1 800 409 8199.

Additional information about BC Hydro’s Smart Metering Program can be found at www.bchydro.com/smartmeters.


BC Hydro
Smart Metering Specialist Team
Smart Metering Program
E-mail: smartmeters@bchydro.com
Phone: 1 800 409 8199

—–Original Message—–
From: X
Sent: 2015, September 14 5:07 PM
To: McDonald, Jessica; info.utilities; Smart Meters; Reimer, Greg;
Popham.MLA, Lana; elizabeth.may; premier; john.horgan.mla; McDonald,
Jessica; rob; bill.bennett.mla; adrian.dix.mla; editor;
norm.macdonald.mla; leader; editor
Subject: xxxxxRd.,

September 9, 2015

Via Electronic Mail and Canada Post to:
BC Hydro
Smart Meter Specialist Department
6911 Southpoint Drive, Burnaby BC, V3N 4X8

Attention: Jessica McDonald, CEO BC Hydro, jessica.mcdonald@bchydo.com
and B.C. Hydro, Corix Utilities, and agents and/or assignees thereof:

smartmeters@bchydro.com and info.utilities@corix.com

Dear Sirs/Mesdames:

Re: Account ######

Address: xxxxx

I have forwarded to you a letter written by my landlord, Mr. Y. As it indicates, I will henceforth be the tenant responsible for all hydro usage at # Rd. While there were previously other tenants in a suite with the address “A,” they are leaving, and I will now be the sole tenant of the entire property. Currently there are two analog meters on the property, one for A, and one for B.     I am a “legacy meter” customer. The analog meter at A, therefore, should be transferred to my current hydro account, number xxx

As we have stated repeatedly, we absolutely refuse to accept a “smart meter” at ## Rd., including that part of the property formerly
called “A.”     We, and our landlord, Y, are parties to the class action suit against BC Hydro. We will be copying our legal counsel on this letter, as well as our MLA, and other interested parties.



 Newsletter prepared by Sharon Noble

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”  Martin Luther King, Jr.

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