2015-09-11 Net metering, utility backlash


  • As people learn about Safety Code 6 and the dangers of RF, I often am asked about Ind. Canada’s role in ensuring that the guideline, as weak as it is, is followed. Industry Canada works for industry, not for us, just like the FCC in the US. This article in Microwave News explains what happens in the US. The situation in Canada is extremely similar, if not the same.




  • Further to the horror of Microsoft 10!!  A good backlash is developing. I sure hope they withdraw it.




  • For those off the grid or thinking of going off the grid, an interesting article about net metering and why the utilities are fighting it. This link takes you to Part 3, but parts 1 and 2 are linked at the introduction.


“The year 2012 was a watershed: that year, 99% of all installed PV systems in the U.S. were net-metered. The trickle of do-it-yourself citizens who now had the means to generate their own power was turning into a flood. In September 2012, alarmed U.S. electric utility executives gathered in Colorado and agreed that distributed generation (DG) in general and net metering in particular was a “disruptive technology” that threatened their centralized business model with “declining retail sales,” “loss of customers” and “potential obsolescence.” They decided to launch a major effort to stem the tide. Their main target: net metering and its parity pricing feature”





  • Groups in Australia having an impact on the “stupid” grid program. If we keep at it, we will change things in BC!!


“Victoria was selected as the test case for a planned mandatory roll-out of the smart grid, with the rest of the nation to follow suit later. However the activist group Stop Smart Meters Australia (SSMA) was very effective in raising public concern about various problems with the implementation of the smart grid in Victoria. As a consequence,  plans for a further mandatory roll-out in other states were shelved.”





  • In the UK 10% of the $meters aren’t working for one reason or another. According to the comments, people are not fans, either. Here in BC we don’t know how many aren’t working. We do know that many $$meters are still being read manually because Hydro didn’t do any research before signing the contract to find out that they don’t work in urban condos where electric rooms are underground, in concrete rooms, or that in the rural areas there are mountains that get in the way of signals!!





  • Cancer is now the #1 cause of death in children. Pesticides, GMOs, RF – their poor bodies are being bombarded. The cancer society wants to keep getting money for “cures”. We need to prevent it in the first place.





Newsletter prepared by Sharon Noble

The cost of wireless convenience: EHS, infertility, cancer.


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