2015-09-26 Report showing how Peel wifi testing was skewed.

  • The report that the Peel School District received about the emissions of wifi in schools and much more can be found at http://www.c4st.org/PDSB There is much to be concerned about in this report. The testing was skewed, not done with  classrooms of devices working, but rather with 4 per classroom. Obviously they knew the answer they wanted to get, and arranged to get it.


On page 8 of the report (http://www.c4st.org/PDSB ) even though the game was rigged to produce low result, the level of RF measured is still high. One school shows levels at 5.8% of Safety Code 6 or 58 microwatts per square centimeter. This is dangerously high. Imagine what it would have been with 30-40 devices activated.

This shows that all the schools in BC and in Canada that use wifi should be tested, and tested by an independent expert.


  • A conference will be held in Silicon Valley in a couple of weeks. Hopefully some of the techie people will attend and learn about the hazards their products create.




  • In 2010 a lawyer in the US filed a lawsuit on behalf of parents and grandparents whose children were attending school near a water tower with 50 cell transmitters. I do not know if it is ongoing (which I suspect), but I have asked for information about this and about the many cancer clusters he learned about. I will share when I get more information.

Mr. & Mrs. Hoy advised me that their granddaughter was soon to enter an elementary school in Bayville, New York, a Village which had allowed the installation of more than 50 cell antennas atop a water tower just 50 feet from its only elementary school.

They further explained that, after the antennas went up, as many as 30% of the staff at the school had contracted cancer or other illnesses, that five children had developed leukemia, and three of them had died.



  • I am not technical enough to understand all of this, but it sounds as if there is a new type of generator has been invented that could make solar and wind energy much more of a possibility for many of us.

This experiment has led to the design and testing of generators with efficiencies far above any previous design. The design uses the same types of materials used in current generators, but the magnetic circuit within the machine is configured to cancel back torque while inducing current and producing power

Read more at http://www.breaking-news.ca/india-wont-suppress-tewaris-free-energy-generator/#u4GtUJM6aHcljyxc.99


Newsletter prepared by Sharon Noble

  A:  Free radicals damage DNA

    B: Non-ionizing radiation can create free radicals.

    C: Therefore, non-ionizing radiation can damage DNA


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