2015-09-07 In Pennsylvania, after 13 years, Smart Mmeters at end of useful life


  • Collector at Mill Bay. 865 Deloume Rd.


All the collectors that have been located so far are pinpointed at the bottom of: http://emrabc.ca/?page_id=1818  There are still a lot out there to find. BC Hydro has installed 1,800 of them. If you look at the photos, many are very close to homes, at the level of a second story bedroom.


  • Yesterday, I shared an article in which the  writer said that the WHO had responded favourably to the Paris Appeal  petition re. EHS, and that a press release had been sent out.  I could not confirm this  and, I suspect, that the author misunderstood and the press release referred to the document in the link below which I sent in the Sept. 4 update. At the end of this, it says a response is expected by Sept. 15.



  • According to BCHydro, there are close to 50,000  smart meters that are being read manually and some people in the FortisBC area have told me that theirs will always be read manually. Many of these are due to lack of cell service or topography. The signals are sent via line of sight, so if there is interference they won’t work. Some meters in urban areas, located in large condo or apartment buildings, inside concrete electrical rooms, underground, etc. won’t work either, at least not without additional relay transmitters inside or on the buildings (which require obtaining permission, but will the owners be asked??). It seems that it is a common problem for the utilities to be sold on the $$mart idea without looking at the problems. After all, they are using our money….




  • In Pennsylvania, a utility company is beginning its second $$mart meter program because the first meters, installed beginning in 2002, need replacing. This will continue every few years – lifespans are short.   BCHydro’s business plan amortized the costs over 20 years. We will no doubt be paying for more than 1 meter at a time in the near future. BTW, notice the cost is $321 per meter. The price paid by BC Hydro remains the highest that I’ve been able to find.


PPL Electric spokesman Kurt Blumenau said customers have been paying toward smart-meter technology since the first round of devices were installed in 2002. Those meters are approaching the end of their useful life, according to the company, and the technology has improved since the first round of meters was installed. He did not immediately have available any charges for business customers.




  • In India, consideration is being given to establishing a “hazard exposure insurance fund” from part of licensing fees for cell transmitters to pay medical charges for cancer claimants.


(M)obile tower operators may end up footing the bill for the medical treatment of cancer patients as the Delhi Government is planning on introducing a hazard exposure insurance fund.

The government is planning on setting up State and district level committees to handle public grievances, which is as per a guideline issued by the Union Ministry of Communication and IT in November 2014.

In addition, the committees will grant licences for towers and run a compensation cell for seriously ill patients in the vicinity of towers.



  • In Michigan, resisters are working with legislators to get a Bill to allow people to keep their analogs.




  • Tomorrow (Tuesday) on CBC’s The Current, they will be discussing the invention of the cell phone – the impacts on our health and our lives?? I hope comments will flow in.

Tuesday, September 8th

When Martin Cooper made the first ever call on a mobile phone, he had no idea he was spearheading a cellular revolution. The ripple effects of his invention exceeded his expectations and surprised everyone with the sweeping changes its brought to our lives. Anna Maria Tremonti speaks to the Canadian credited with inventing the cell phone.

Time: Tune in to CBC Radio One at 8:30 am (9 am NT) Monday to Friday! This account is updated by The Current staff and tweets from Anna Maria are signed – AMT.  Podcasts appear to be available at:





This letter is one of many on another member’s website. There are many other interesting letters there that I recommend you read:


My husband and I have been having symptoms headaches heart palpitations, insomnia, fatigue, sharp stabbing pains, etc for over a year, and has got progressively worse, we were in great health before all this began. We live in Rural Dittmer Missouri, and sit between 2 sets of cell towers 1.5 Miles and 2.5 miles, we thought this was what was causing the problem. We ordered RF EMF meters to test, we found those towers had no impact, we then began looking over every area of our home and removed Microwave cordless phones, and even our cell phones. After many weeks we were unable to figure out what was going on, then one morning I got up at 6:30 opened the door and found a hideous sound coming from a transformer 50 feet from my home. As I walked to my bannister I was met with a shock and a painful stab like a hot knife to my head. I backed away into the house where I held my head finally after about 5 minutes the pain started to subside. After about 30 minutes I called Ameren and told them what had happened. They sent a crewman to my home at around 10:30 AM. The crewman said he would have to send a person who does RF EMF readings before they could do anything. As we walked down my sidewalk I asked him if our meters were smart meters he said they were. I was shocked as we had no idea our meters were changed out. As we proceeded down the sidewalk, I asked him about a box with antennas on a utility post just 100 feet from our home. He said it was a cell-tower transmitter and that all the meters from 3 towns away transmit to this antenna transmitter. I suddenly realized why we have been so sick, I wanted to cry. I then contacted Ameren and said I want these Meters removed and this cell tower off this pole. Ameren said it would cost $261 for each meter, there are 2, one on the house and one on the garage. I said fine please hurry get them off, I also pleaded with them to remove the cell-tower transmitter, owned by Cellnet. They stated that a survey would have to be done first. After being in the hospital for 5 days Illness from exposure, Ameren finally sent Cellnet to remove the transmitter tower. The transmitter was moved approximately 1 mile east of my home, we still get transmissions in our home, and still have symptoms. Also the meters are called AMR and are more toxic, I was told a van drives around at night to help call these meters, the symptoms are more severe at night.    I find it incredible that Ameren and other power companies could get away from such disregard to the welfare of the community and not be held to a hire-standard. I have filed a complaint with the FCC and will continue to inform the public and community. I just have to wonder how many people who like myself are suffering health problems and have no idea why? and what will be the long term effects of these dangerous microwave EMF RF frequencies, and at what point will the federal government say this smart grid is not working? We are on the brink of a man made catastrophe, and the public needs to be aware before it’s too late. God Bless.


Newsletter prepared by Sharon Noble

The cost of wireless convenience: EHS, infertility, cancer.


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