2015-09-25 Consumer Report “Does cell-phone radiation cause cancer?”

  • Consumer Reports just published a report asking “Does cell-phone radiation cause cancer?” A good article (which some minor editing needed, e.g.   FM radios should not be compared – they aren’t transmitters.   FM towers!! Now those are the dangerous things. And wearing the phone on a belt is not safe. This exposes the body.) and major in that it’s in a mainstream journal and will reach many people who are unaware of the dangers.

Michael Hansen, Ph.D., a senior scientist at Consumer Reports said, “But we feel that the research does raise enough questions that taking some common-sense precautions when using your cell phone can make sense.”




  • A new invention that could change the way electricity is generated.


The November 2013 issue of The Atlantic magazine features an article on The 50 Greatest Breakthroughs Since the Wheel. The RLG is more than just a product or a technical innovation. It is a fundamental change in the way that energy can be generated. It overcomes the inherent inefficiencies of AC generators. Patents have been filed and the RLG is ready to be licensed to companies that manufacture rotating electrical machinery. In fact, discussions with companies on three continents are underway.
Read more at http://www.breaking-news.ca/india-wont-suppress-tewaris-free-energy-generator/#LXZXUAGmjezq36vu.99



  • Community owned energy projects:

Baxter told the Georgia Straight that VREC has established SolShare Energy, a subsidiary that will allow B.C. residents to buy shares and receive dividends from solar-power projects.

“This is a way for people who don’t own their own building and can’t afford the $9,000-$10,000 minimum cost to be able to support solar and receive some of the benefits of it too,” Baxter said during an interview at the Mountain Equipment Co-op head office in Vancouver.

On Sunday (September 27), SolShare Energy will hold an info session at Cedar Cottage Neighbourhood Pub (3728 Clark Drive).




  • Many of you have received an email from Walt McGinnis announcing the dissolution of the Stop Smart Meter Society (please see it below)  and have asked what this means for the Coalition. Let me assure you it means nothing at all regarding the Coalition to Stop Smart Meters. We were separate groups both with the same goal of ending this undemocratic, unnecessary and dangerous program, using different tactics. The Coalition will continue to work to expose the dangers of this program and for the ending of it through the class action lawsuit, through recall of a dangerous fire hazard, and through educating the public. It is imperative that we all continue to work together because our Charter of Rights and Freedoms and our safety are being threatened by this government and by this program.


  • BRAMPTON, ON, Sept. 24, 2015 /CNW/ – Students from Peel District School Board will reveal evidence tonight about dangerous levels of microwave radiation discovered in their classrooms. 

The school Board measured radiation from WiFi and other devices and discovered microwaves strong enough to cause reproductive damage.

“Both male and female students have a right to know that we can be harmed by this,” said sixteen year old Apurva Dixit, a grade 11 student who helped to organize an information meeting tonight open to all students in the Peel District School Board.

“Now that they’ve measured the radiation, if the school Board won’t protect us then we have to start protecting ourselves,” she said. “Students are more exposed to wireless devices than any other group.”



I have asked Frank Clegg for information about the meeting and for the levels of RF measured in the school. When I have more information I will share. All schools with wifi should be tested with all computers present and turned on to determine what the levels to which BC children are being exposed.


  • Arguing discrimination, an Anarchist Mountain person wins a review of the Hydro/Fortis  billing system for those without natural gas. There may be something in this argument that others can use.






From: X

Subject: BC Hydro Meter Replacement Notification

Date: September 25, 2015 at 12:00:32 PM PDT

To: “Complaints BCUC:EX” <Complaints@bcuc.com>

Mr. Wruck –

If you check my file you’ll see that for almost two years now I’ve been informing you and the BCUC that I, a retired professional engineer, am concerned about the fire safety of the electronic (‘smart’) meters BC Hydro wants to install on my home in place of my two analog meters.  As I’ve interpreted them, the BCUC’s various responses have been basically 1) I shouldn’t be concerned because the meters are safe – they meet certain standards and/or because the manufacturer, BC Hydro, and a report paid for by BC Hydro say they’re safe), and 2) that, despite its Section 25 safety mandate, the BCUC cannot deal with matters such as fire safety because of the Clean Energy Act.  Because 2) is central to what I’m about to reveal, I am repeating here what you told me in your email of Jan 13, 2015:

“Subsection 7(3) of the Clean Energy Act states the following:

“The commission must not exercise a power under the Utilities Commission Act in a way that would directly or indirectly prevent the authority from doing anything referred to in subsection (1).”


Given that the Smart Meter Program is referred to in subsection 1, the Commission does not have authority under section 25 of the Utilities Commission Act (or any other section the Utilities Commission Act) to intervene in BC Hydro’s Smart Meter Program. ”

I would like now to draw to your attention words from an email someone I know recently received from Minister of Mines and Energy Bill Bennett:

—– email from Bennett — start —

“Dear XX:

Premier Christy Clark has asked me to respond on her behalf to your . . . email regarding wireless smart meters.   

. . .    

I note your assertion, “that the BC Utility Commission has been forbidden to ensure that devices used to provide electricity are safe, or to take action when a device proves to be dangerous.”  Pre-approval from the BC Utilities Commission (BCUC) is not required for BC Hydro’s Smart Metering and Infrastructure Program due to Section 7 of the Clean Energy Act (CE Act).  The BCUC, however, retains responsibility to oversee the provision of safe and reliable service from utilities (for example: Sections 23 and 38 of the Utilities Commission Act).     . . . 


Bill Bennett
Minister of Energy and Mines”

 — Email from Bennett – end

Inasmuch as what the minister says in this email appears to conflict with what you said in yours of Jan 13/15, I would like clarification at your earliest convenience.  It looks to me like we’re in a situation where there are unaddressed safety problems inherent in smart meters and neither BC Hydro nor any regulatory body (including, most unusually imo, the BCUC with its Section 25 mandate) are doing anything about it.




Dear StopSmartMeters.ca supporters,

This letter is to advise you that StopSmartMeters.ca Society has been dissolved. Our goal to facilitate a Citizens Initiative process that would lead to a vote by the general public has not been successful.
The members of the board of StopSmartMeters.ca Society are all still committed to ridding the world of so called smart meters and we will be continuing our efforts. On behalf of the board I thank everyone for their kind support.
For myself I have started a new journey. I am now a volunteer reporter and journalist for Citizens Forum, a Public Affairs Program aired on Shaw TV Victoria and on U Tube. A recent show interviewing Sharon Noble talking about Smart Meter fires can be seen at :


I also have started a blog at www.powertothepeople.ca/

in which I not only examine Smart Meter issues I look more deeply into the way our political process functions and into why we citizens are being robbed of a fair democratic process. My most recent post regards the apparent collaboration between the NDP and the Conservatives is called, Rigging the Federal Election.

I will provide the first paragraphs below. I believe we can never have justice until we have democracy. And I also believe we can never have democracy without freedom of expression.
I would like to enter into a discussion with all citizens as to how we can build a new media that gives the citizens of this country a voice. In many ways the battle against Smart Meters has brought together people from every ideology and political stripe worldwide.

I am also dedicated to getting to the truth be it Smart Meter corruption or political corruption in general.
With this in mind I hope we can to stay in touch using on blog at www.powertothepeople.ca . If our paths are separating, this too I will accept.

All the best,

Walt McGinnis
Outgoing President of StopSmartMeters.ca Society


Rigging the Canadian Federal Election
Are the NDP and Conservatives, while working under the guidance of Hill+Knowlton, collaborating to fix the 2015 Federal election?
By – Walt McGinnis Sept 21, 2015

Hill + Knowlton and other political operatives were involved in questionable activities while working for the New Democratic Party in the 2013 election in British Columbia. They are now playing a major role in the 2015 Federal NDP and Conservative campaigns. It looks like the Federal NDP campaign team is scheming to give the victory to the Conservatives in the same manner as what the British Columbia NDP team did for the Liberals.
Read More www.powertothepeople.ca/


Newsletter prepared by Sharon Noble

“The good thing about science, is that it’s true whether or not you believe in it.”  

– Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson


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