2015-09-13 Videos of presentations re. “Cellphone and Wireless Risks to Children”

  • Videos (short)  of the presentations at the Commonwealth Club conference in June, 2015, which was devoted to  Cell Phone and Wireless Risks to Children. They provide good info, especially for those who are relatively new to this issue. Would be good to give to politicians and physicians as tutorials.



  • Major hacking of healthcare companies in New York.  It is irresponsible for companies like BCHydro and FortisBC to tell people all is safe, and to put our personal data at more risk than it is today. Everything is being hacked, and smart meters will be, too. Hacking of personal data from smart meters could lead to our homes being less secure and vulnerable to home invasions, burglaries, etc.




  • “Dumb” parking meters in Hawaii fail pilot test. $350,000 for 340 meters!!  Even more expensive than Hydro’s smart meters.




  • More Collectors in BC:

Vancouver, 439 Helmcken  http://emrabc.ca/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/Vancouver_439Helmcken.png

  • Recent study finds EEG changes in the brain after 15 min. of cell phone usage.
      • Even though it is now common knowledge that cell phone radiation is powerful enough to disrupt sensitive equipment within an airplane (think: airplane mode) or hospital, there is still resistance to acknowledging it may adversely affect the human brain, an electrical impulse sensitive organ. – Sayer Ji, Founder, Greenmedinfo.com 


  • Below is a letter from a member currently in Mexico with ideas about going off the grid. He says what many others have said, that analog meters run backwards when being fed electricity from solar panels. This means that the electricity is being reduced and the homeowner’s bill will be reduced by the rate she/he is being charged. Of course Hydro is saying this isn’t possible, that anyone who installs solar panels MUST have a smart meter, and then the reduction will be given at the reduced rate that benefits Hydro, not at the rate actually being paid.  Just one more way Hydro wants to rip us off.



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Subject: Re Olympic NP

Dear Robert Bonnie;

I spent time hiking in the Olympic NP as a young woman, and more recently we drove around the peninsula with my cousin. I clearly recall seeing a nuclear power plant of an older design type in the area.

We live in the Lower Mainland of BC and this area is uncomfortably close if one were to consider the possibility of the naval exercises somehow triggering a major earthquake (which we keep being told is inevitable soon) that could damage this power plant. Do we wish to risk another Fukushima on our home shores? I would hope not!

The trouble with military intelligence world wide is that it is often not terribly intelligent, in terms of correctly guessing what the results of their exercises will be.

For that reason the precautionary principle is critical in this case.

Millions of people live on both sides of the border. I have said it before, but it bears repeating: why would your navy choose such a populous area for their exercises? There are sections of the NW coast that are totally uninhabited for miles and miles. Surely a safer alternative exists!

I hope sanity prevails, and these exercises do not materialize in close proximity of major cities, including the capital of British Columbia!



From a member currently in Mexico:

Here in Mexico, the land of high humidity, warm temperatures and 12 hour sunshine, grid tied PV systems are gaining traction in a big way. My casa has a large flat roof, easy to walk on and is open to the sky for 11 or so of those hours….so I am looking at one very seriously. The big winner here for a grid tied system is that we have a 4 tier price… the first 189kw is .711 pesos… the next tier up to 450kw is .82 pesos… after that it goes up to 2.4…a big jump, then we don’t want to count but it’s really expensive at 800kw….so obviously, by generating your own electricity and lopping off the high rate consumption by using a PV based net metered PV grid tied generation system can save big money.. especially if your using an air conditioner which uses at least 500 watts.

Actually Sharon, private small output grid tied systems 1-5kw are very hard for a utility to control… you install the panels… tie the panels to the special inverter.. then you simply plug the inverter into a wall socket and while the sun shines it feeds your house and the surplus goes out to the grid, and your analogue meter could even run backwards (we have analogue meters here)… simple. For the digital meters you probably need a special one… at the very worst, the standard new ‘$mart meters would probably stop registering consumption…. that’s probably your prime goal anyway. CFE (Comission Federal de Electricidad) encourages these systems because much of the electricity here in this country is expensive and ‘dirty’ being made by burning oil, so private green PV systems here are quite legal and are encouraged in Mexico, although you are supposed to go through some red tape and get a permit first. … I think most folks don’t bother

Look at it this way… if you could generate up to (for yourself or the grid) 10kw total a day using 1250 watts worth of panels taking into consideration inefficiencies in your system…  cut that in half for cloudy days etc… and the 300kw a billing period is about what we use…  My project will be to install a 1500 watt system for starters with the easy installation of more panels if needed.




Newsletter prepared by Sharon Noble

“When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.”  Thomas Jefferson.


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