2015-09-06 WHO reportedly will announce recognition of EHS

  • A very interesting report on biological effects of exposure to man-made EMR/RF.    (only about 5 pages of easy reading)   Much discussion about the short, strong spikes like those from smart Meters being much for likely to cause harmful effects because they are so very different from the natural EMR to which all live evolved. The emphasis in the report is on the fact that nearly 100% of the studies done with real devices, e.g. real cell phones rather than simulations, show harm, whereas the simulations are inconsistent. In real life situations, there are many variables that result in more stress to the cells.

Studies done re. Smart meters re. frequencies, power densities, number of signals have been in lab settings and highly controlled with few devices, no collectors and no additional wireless devices in the areas. Simulations are not credible, according to this report.

“It is clear that living organisms perceive EMFs as environmental stressors [4–7]. But since man-made EMFs constitute a very new stressor for living organisms within the billions of years of biological evolution, the cells have not developed defensive mechanisms, for example, special genes to be activated for protection against electromagnetic stress of man-made EMFs.”

 “Moreover, intermittent exposure to mobile phone radiation (real or simulated) with short intermittence durations (which makes the field even more variable) is repeatedly found to be more bioactive than the corresponding continuous exposure [25, 26]. This experimental evidence further supports the argument that the more complicated and variable the field/stressor is, the more difficult it is for a living organism to adapt to it.” pg. 2

 “An impressive percentage (95.8%) of these studies (46 out of 48 studies with real-life exposures) have recorded significant adverse biological or clinical effects, ranging from loss of orientation, kinetic changes, and behavioral or electroencephalographic (EEG) changes to decrease in male and female reproductive capacity, reproductive declines, molecular changes, changes in enzymatic activity, DNA damage and cell death, and histopathological changes in the brain.” Pg. 3



  • Word is that the World Health Organization is about to recognize EHS, asking for it to be recognized. I have not been able to find the press release but will share it as soon as I can. This would be major!



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