2015-09-08 South California utility allowing analogs


  • As a result of last night’s update, in which there was an article about $$meters in Pennsylvania being replaced after 10-13 years, and the cost was $321 per meter, some asked for more comparisons. Attached is a list of costs of meters that I’ve found in various articles, using the very same basis as I used to calculate the cost for BC Hydro’s. The cost of the program in BC was estimated to be $1 billion for 1.8 million meters or $555 per meter. By comparison, an analog costs approximately $50 and has an expected life expectancy of 30 years or more. As we all know, the only ones to benefit, and to go on benefiting from this program, are the companies making and selling these pieces of dangerous junk.


  • The industries have a strong influence over decisions through use of “bent” scientists and science. Money talks and professors, as well as universities, can be “bought”. Fracking, smoking, wireless devices (smart meters) are just some of the things defended and misrepresented to the public, resulting in health problems and environmental harm. How is this different from former head of the BC Fire Chiefs Association Len Garis being “commissioned” and paid $15,000 by BC Hydro to report that the smart meters didn’t cause fires?



Another re. GMO:  http://www.naturalnews.com/051096_science_for_sale_Monsanto_financial_influence.html



  • A prime example of the influence of industry affiliated “experts” was the Royal Society  review of Safety Code 6 earlier this year.  Another is a review of evidence in Europe, and there are now serious allegations of bias and conflicts of interest on that European panel.    20 organizations have called for an annulment of the report and demand a new review by qualified, independent experts in the EMF field. Here is their report – very interesting reading which is very similar to the formal complaint made to Health Canada.  Industry loads the panels and ensures the truth regarding the dangers of microwave radiation is hidden, and the standards set to protect the public are rigged to their benefit.

Complaint to the European Commission


  • Another BC Hydro must not be happy that so many of their secret transmitters are being found !!

Sidney: Corner of Weiler and Lochside (near the Anacortes Ferry terminal)


Collector Victoria Weiler Lochside(Note from web guy – see how close this collector is to the apartments in the building.  And a collector is high powered and is communicating with ALL smart meters within several km radius.  So there is LOTS of RF radiation in this area)


  • Attached is acknowledgement by Southern California Edison Company, an electricity provider, that it will allow its opt out customers to keep analog meters if they wish. When BC Hydro and FortisBC say analogs are not available, ask them to find out where California utility companies are getting them.




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Subject: Fwd: update 2015-09-07 In Pennsylvania, after 13 years, Smart meters at end of useful life

I have two issues I would like the regulators and elected representatives to address:

1)  In Pennsylvania a utility company is replacing smart meters installed in 2002.  The cost of the meters is $321.  BC Hydro paid approximately $550 per meter and amortized its costs over 20 years.  Can anyone provide an explanation as to why BC Hydro justified amortizing over 20 years and is paying such a high price per meter?

2) According to BC Hydro almost 50,000 meters are being read manually despite BC Hydro’s claims that manual reading would be unnecessary with smart meters.  There are two issues here:

a)  Why are people who choose to maintain analogue meters for health reasons being extorted for $70 per billing for one meter reading when others who have accepted a smart meter which must be read manually do not pay to have the meters read?

BC Hydro is a public utility preying on the disadvantaged and it is being sanctioned by this Liberal government.

b)  The number of smart meters that must be manually read raises the question about the competence of those making decisions to spend billions of $ of taxpayer money.  Should not someone have investigated whether smart meters would function in BC topography with its many forests, hills, valleys and mountains?  Or did the decision makers just say YES to another multinational corporation?  Is this another case like the computer systems installed by IBM, hired by this Liberal government, in the Health Department which do not work/perform as required and for which the taxpayer is bearing the cost?

Does anyone care enough for the public interest to investigate and explain to taxpayers?




Newsletter prepared by Sharon Noble

The cost of wireless convenience:

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