2015-04-01 – Some important changes to Class Action Lawsuit

2015-04-02 – MP and MLA take Hydro to task

2015-04-03  – Hydro lies in industry article


2015-04-05  – Former head of Saskatchewan Smart Meter program new head of SaskPower

2015-04-06 – A possible alternative to the zigbee chip on appliances

2015-04-07  – Compare Hydro’s rates with Calgary’s

 2015-04-09 – Salt Spring installer told to install Smart Meter

2015-04-10  – Bill C-51 could threaten our right to protest – IMPORTANT READ

2015-04-11 – California Med. Association asks for RF safety standards to be re-evaluated

2015-04-12  – Parliamentary sub committee investigating SC 6

2015-04-13 – Smart meter collusion in California documented

2015-04-14  – Speech by Bobby Kennedy Jr. that explains corporate control

2015-04-15 – Arizona PUC rescinds opt out fees entirely, people keep analogs

2015-04-16  – Threats re failed installation

2015-04-17 – A small court victory in California ruling fees and loss of power illegal.  Important info from Parents for Safe Schools

2015-04-18  – Could BC Hydro’s/FortisBC’s turning off power damage medical equipment?



2015-04-26 – Testimony from Safety Code 6 hearing on April 23

2015-04-27 – Warnings from NSA re. cybersecurity threats

2015-03-28 –  Excerpt from Hansard, Dix questioning Bennett

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