2015-04-09 Salt Spring installer told to install Smart Meter

1)        A 7 minute YouTube worth watching. As you do, think about how these “obstacles and barriers” apply to the $$mart meter problem. The government is making it impossible to get information, is refusing to allow input, is lying and misrepresenting, is allowing no choice. If we all continue to work together as we have now for many years (and our group is still growing!) we can knock down some of these obstacles and get more to join with us to demand that the barriers be removed. We need to figure out how to get information out there, against the wishes of this government, BC Hydro and the media.


2)        A person on Salt Spring confronted an installer who was on his way to install a $$meter. When she asked him what he was doing he said that someone (and he gave her name) had agreed to have a smeter installed. She said this was untrue and sent him away.  Beware and keep your analogs safely protected. It is illegal for BC Hydro to install a $$meter if someone is paying legacy fees but as we all know, BC Hydro believes that it doesn’t have to follow laws or regulations. I would recommend a plasticized sign be put on the protected analog saying something like “NO SMART METER ALLOWED. I’M PAYING EXTORTION FEES.”

3)        In British Columbia, Wi-Fi is being installed in every school, from kindergarten to grade 12, with no parent being informed of the potential health damage or receiving permission to irradiate children who are so very vulnerable to RF radiation. This is happening even in schools that have wired internet access. Perry Kendall will not say it’s safe, but neither will he stop it.

In Oregon, a bill is being proposed that should be proposed in BC:

Oregon State Representative Alissa Kenyguyer has proposed House Bill 3350 <https://legiscan.com/OR/text/HB3350/2015>  which directs the Oregon Department of Education to prepare a statement that would disclose the potential health risks of wireless technology.

The bill requires public and private schools to distribute the statement annually to school employees and to parents of students. The bill declares an emergency stating that such an act is necessary for the immediate preservation of public peace, health and safety.


4)        In the USA, Sensus has announced a new 4G cellular network for the grid. 4G is very powerful, with transmitters capable of sending signals 30-40 miles or more. It sounds from the article that it is in preparation for adding more capability to the system, e.g. connecting with other companies and services. This would make use of the additional transmitters in the collectors that Cisco has put in the collectors outside homes in BC. There are up to 8 transmitters, and the $$mart grid needs only one.  On the same page is info pertaining to water meters, being read in real time, using cell technology –> more RF radiation and more personal data being gathered.



A member’s submission to the VIHA in advance of their meeting in Campbell River, June 25. Questions must be submitted in advance to allow for a formal response which will be distributed in writing at the meeting and posted on their website: http://www.viha.ca/about_viha/board_of_directors/meetings/

Question Submission
to:  Vancouver Island Health Authority Board of Directors

My question for the General Board Meeting of VIHA , June 25, 2015

I wish to ask the board regarding their deliberations on the possible installation of wireless technology in hospitals and care facilities if the board is familiarizing itself with the contents of the scientific studies contained in the Bioinitiative 2012 Report? As a logical adjunct to this question, is the board giving due consideration to other non-industry funded studies on the molecular level impacts of wireless on all living things, particularly human children?

It would appear prudent to deeply consider the findings, especially in the light of recent decisions to apply the Precautionary Principle by the governments of France, Germany, Belgium, Japan et al as relates to exposure of young children.

As the movement by ordinary citizens to divest from investments involving a wireless component quietly increases, it would appear logical for the Health Authority to be in step with knowledge held at the populist level.


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