2015-04-14 Speech by Bobby Kennedy Jr. that explains corporate control


I realize that not everyone has time or ability to listen to the audio recording. It’s to some degree delightful hearing how the HESA Members grill HC and respond to the HC replies.

Several HESA Members are quite explicit/passionate about their, ahem, displeasure. There’s an official-official transcript, however, attached here is “Unofficial transcript” and it must remained so-labelled even though it’s a lot closer to verbatim than the official-official transcript.

I didn’t go through the whole thing word-by-word comparing the “official” with the “unofficial,” but in a few random glances I noticed several “edits” that are not the verbatim and do certainly change the tone of what was delivered live. One small example: the word “No,” which directly answered a posed question, is omitted from the beginning of a sentence in the “official” transcript.


  • the next HESA meeting, on April 23, know that if you wish to submit something, you can submit it in English but it will need to be translated. Therefore should be sent to the following no later than April 20.Andrew Bartholomew Chaplin
    Procedural Clerk
    Committees and Legislative Services Directorate
    House of Commons of Canada


  • Bobby Kennedy Jr. gave a speech in California about the way the pharmaceutical companies have taken over the government, media, courts, etc. regardless of scientific evidence.
    Just about everything he says could be applied to the wireless industry. And now the parents are losing the ability to protect their children in schools and in homes.



  • New appliances and electronics are being sold with “smart” chips to gather and send information wirelessly to the utilities and hence to various companies, marketers, insurers, etc. Here is a youtube showing how to mismantle a smart chip from a Samsung refrigerator. Some manufacturers say that the warranty is null and void if the chip is removed or tampered with. They want your data.



  • Federal Govt. is selling more of the spectrum for wireless use. This is why Health Canada can’t say that EMR is dangerous. A real conflict of interest and we pay for it.



  • This is what $$meters allow Hydro and Fortis to do if/when they want. That is why they insisted on having remote disconnect switches – to turn off the power when they want, if the bills aren’t paid on time, or for whatever other reason they determine is allowed if you want to have power.





From: XX
Date: Sun, Apr 12, 2015 at 6:37 PM
Subject: Discriminating Legacy Meter Charges of BC Hydro
To: customer.service@bchydro.com
Cc: Complaints@bcuc.com, commission.secretary@bcuc.com, amrik.virk.mla@leg.bc.ca, adrian.dix.mla@leg.bc.ca, greg.reimer@bchydro.com, john.horgan.mla@leg.bc.ca, info@bcombudsperson.ca, stopsmartmetersbc@gmail.com, Patrick.wruck@bcuc.com

April 05, 2015
BC Hydro
PO Box 9501
Stn Terminal Vancouver BC V6B 4N1
Attn: Customer Service


Re:  February 03 to April 01, 2015 billing

Please Note:

While I have always paid our BC Hydro bill in full every month for usage, I DO NOT agree to pay your so-called “Legacy Meter Charge“.
As a member of the Coalition to Stop Smart Meters campaign, I truly feel that your “Legacy Meter Charge” is nothing short of “extortion” for those of us who know that Smart (sic) Meters are NOT safe (potential fire), are NOT economical, are NOT cost efficient and have the potential to be a complete invasion of privacy to every single one of your customers.

Because of your continuously harassment and bullying trough letters, emails and phone calls threatening me with disconnection of electric service I fear for the safety of my family and myself and I feel helpless that I have no choice but to pay the extortion fee (Legacy Meter Charge).

I strongly believe that the imposed  charges $420/year bears no relationship to the actual costs of having an on-site person read the meters every two months and that the threat of BC Hydro’s action is a fear tactic to effectively coerce the affected persons into the acceptance of smart meters.

According to my records BC Hydro has not been manually reading my analog meter regularly since the smart meter program was introduced. I have pictures of the actual readings as proof.

As you’ll see, I have made the necessary adjustments for your negative billing this fee to my account for February 03 to April 01, 2015.

The adjustments are as follows:

Invoice ### for $192.79
Basic Charge (Feb 03 to Apr 01): 57 days @ $0.16640/day                 9.48
Energy Charge:
Step 1: 1265 kw.h @ 0.07520/kw.h                                                         95.13
Step 2: 27 kw.h @0.11270/kw.h                                                                  3.04
Rate Rider at 5.0 %                                                                                            5.49
Regional transit levy: 58 days @ 0.06240/day                                     3.62
Legacy Meter Charge                                                                                   64.80

Basic Charge (Apr 01 to Apr01): 1 days @ 0.17640/day                 0.18  Step 1: 22 kw.h @ $0.07970/kw.h                                                              1.75
Step 2: 1  kw.h @ $0.11950/kw.h                                                                0.12
GST                                                                                                                           9.18
TOTAL                                                                                                             $192.79 
Legacy Meter Charge                                                                                    64.80
GST on Legacy Meter Charges                                                                     3.24
TOTAL                                                                                                                $68.04

An internet banking transaction has been arranged for the amount of $124.75 for energy usage and a cheque # 099 for the amount of $ 68.04 for the “extortion” fee charge which I pay under DURESS AND PROTEST has been mailed via Canada Post.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding to the adjustments made in this bill  or if you have concerns of your attempts to force such a device on us and/or your “Legacy Meter Charge”, please do not hesitate to contact “The Coalition to stop  Smart Meters” where you will find the contact information of our legal counsel.


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