2015-04-07 Compare Hydro’s rates with Calgary’s


  • In last night’s update, BC schools outline how BC Hydro’s rate increase will affect education. A sharp-eyed member followed a link in the article which led to another misleading statement by then CEO of Hydro, Charles Reid,  in which he claimed that Hydro’s rates are among the lowest in North America.  In this article dated Nov. 2013 the actual rate billed in Calgary was $.0790 per kWh.


Enmax, provider of electricity to Calgary, has shown the rates for the last 3 years which fluctuate with market, etc. The current rate is $.051141 per kWh plus daily surcharge of $.2291 ($6.87 per month)


Compare with our current rates. Note the daily charge that covers METERING.

“A small, daily charge that partially covers the fixed cost of services for things such as metering and billing.” —-  $.1764 per day.($5.29/month)

Plus first step rate of $.0797 and second step rate of $.1195.


  • Things just keep getting crazier and more dangerous. Now radar for cars. I wonder if this company has studied the effects radar guns had on police officers using them to catch speeders.  Cancer is various body parts that were exposed, e.g. reproductive organs. And if I recall correctly  the military first identified “microwave illness” as being associated with radar.

Echodyne also plans to offer its systems to the military, and to replace the radar already in use commercially: the spinning dishes seen on ferries and other boats that create simple maps by sweeping a beam around, for example, or the small fixed sensors in some cars that allow an adaptive cruise control system to keep a safe distance from the car ahead.


In 1971, the US Naval Medical Research Institute compiled a 116-page report consisting of a comprehensive bibliography of all known “Reported Biological Phenomena and Clinical Manifestations Attributed to Microwave and Radio-Frequency Radiation.” That report, now declassified, contains a staggering amount data that is decades old. The list of known and suspected health maladies arising from exposure to this type of communications and radar-related radiation is pages long and spans everything from myocardial necrosis, convulsions, and liver enlargement, to blood and bone changes, scalp sensations, and irritability. This Navy report leaves no doubt whatsoever on the questions of: “What did the US military (and government) know, and when did they know it?” They knew it all in 1971 at the latest. And possibly much sooner, if they had access to the Russian research back in the 1950s

In this article there is a link to a summary of a report done decades ago and there is reference to 2300 reports that show biological effects from exposure to RF. The militaries, our government knew about this then. Why are we still having to fight to prove that RF is dangerous?? The author of this report, Dr. Zory Glaser, has given the reports to Dr. Magda Havas who has put many of them on her website www.magdahavas.com and they are available under “Zory’s archive”



  • The Politics of Cancer Revisited

In anticipation of the blockbuster PBS documentary series on cancer, a film with sponsors such as Genentech from the cancer industry, we rebroadcast a 2002 interview with Dr. Samuel Epstein, author of The Politics of Cancer, The Politics of Cancer Revisited, and Cancer-Gate and director of the Cancer Prevention Coalition, in which he discusses the cancer establishment and its failure to address cancer prevention, its misdirection of research and treatment resources, and its promotion of a multi-billion dollar industry.

The program can be heard online from 1 to 2 pm (PDT) at www.kpfa.org.  It is also available for free streaming for 1 week afterwards at www.yourownhealthandfitness.org.


  • Pennsylvania Smart Meter Awareness is pushing the legislature to present bills offering choice because of fire and health concerns.



  • In Australia utility companies have to pay customers for $$meters that don’t work. More interesting are the many comments re. erroneous or high bills, ill health, general unhappiness with the program.




  • The 5th annual survey of the US public about $meters and the grid – trying to determine both awareness and satisfaction. A very significant proportion isn’t happy and another large percentage wants things to stay the same. The largest group to be aware and interested are those interested the “green” story being told. These will be the most unhappy when they learn that the environmental aspect has been oversold and doesn’t even exist.



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