2015-04-01 Some important changes to Class Action Lawsuit


  • There have been some important changes to the Class Action Lawsuit, and I will make every effort to have a complete explanation and details in tomorrow’s update. The newest application is available at



  • Please take 15 min. to watch this excellent video re. cell towers. Cell towers are being put up everywhere across BC to support the $$meter program. These are dangerous and we should be fighting these just as hard (or even harder) as we’re fighting the $$meters. We need to follow the money in Ottawa and in Victoria, just as the money is followed here.



  • Another article, this from Quebec, about how “bent scientists” are working for the cell industry, allowing millions to be exposed to something that is potentially very dangerous. There are many such “scientists”, and people like Perry Kendall and Health Canada refer to them to support this exposure.



  • “Turkish Blackout Shows World Power Grids Under Threat”. This article should be sent to every politician, local, provincial and federal. Are they waiting for a major attack in BC?

 “All power use was previously measured by mechanical meters, which were inspected and read by a utility worker. Now, utilities are turning to smart meters, which communicate live data to customers and the utility company. This opens up the systems to hackers.”

 “The more you use telecommunication systems and Internet, the more exposed you are to cyber-attack,”

– Bloomberg – April 01, 2015:


  • A Mohawk community in Quebec has done the same thing Chief Clarence Louie of the Osoyoos First Nation did 2 years ago – refused to allow $$meters on their homes.

 Kanesatake says no to Hydro-Quebec smart meters by James Foster – CJAD 800 AM – April 01, 2015:


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