2015-04-10 Bill C-51 could threaten our right to protest – IMPORTANT READ


  • It might appear that Bill C-51 has nothing to do with our battle to have our Charter Rights acknowledged, but it does. This bill, if passed, could curtain our ability to join together, to send out groups emails, to protest. Our Rights and Freedoms are too important to allow this government to jeopardize them. Please, consider reading the letter below and calling your MP to say that we do not want government interfering with our basic rights to free speech and to free assembly in the name of security.


  • In Michigan the utility company is using strong arm tactics to force people to accept a $$meter, turning power off for families refusing them.



On March 28, there was a major protest march against Smart meters in San Antonio, Texas. We need to begin planning some protests in BC – any volunteers to organize in your area?



  • A letter to the editor of the Langley Times by Hydro’s Greg Alexis.
    Why is it letters from Hydro get printed and ours don’t?  I have written to the Times editor (my letter is below) and I hope you will, too. The lies that Hydro continues to tell are irritating – they have been saying these deliberately misleading things for so long. You can respond by going to the link and completing the online form.

Smart meters ‘a necessary step’ for BC Hydro by Greg Alexis, BC Hydro – The Langley Times – April 07, 2015:
(Please Comment & – http://www.langleytimes.com/contact_us/?curSection=%2F&curTitle=Contact+Us&c=y)


  • Another victory for a municipality against cell companies. Too bad it was based primarily on loss of property values and lack of need instead of potential health effects. But in the US, as in Canada, it is not allowed for municipal governments to argue health. In Canada Industry Canada refuses to allow discussion about either health or property values. But every victory is a precedent for the ones that follow.



  • Hardell, who is one of the most credible researchers on cell phones and brain cancer, has found that there is a significant increase in brain cancer in Sweden in the last decade.
    The Swedish Cancer Registry, like the Canadian and British Columbian Cancer Societies, are failing to accurately track and monitor new cases, resulting in the Cancer Registry misleading people about the potential harm associated with cell phone use.



Bill C-51 could threaten our right to protest – IMPORTANT READ
Dear ………….,

We’re in the final stretch before our MPs vote on the Secret Police Bill C-51. We need your urgent help to send a powerful message with thousands of phone calls to their offices calling on them to stop C-51, and start over with a law that defends our security, privacy and freedom.

Call your MP today

After widespread criticism from experts and the public, the Conservatives have made a few amendments to the Secret Police Bill C-51 – but the bill is still deeply flawed and must be stopped.[1][2][3][4][5]

100,000 of you have already stepped up to join a growing network of organizations and experts that’s rallied the public against this dangerous bill and put huge pressure on the Conservatives who presented it.[6]

Now we’re in the final days before the Secret Police Bill goes for a vote in Parliament, and we need another big push before the vote. Politicians take phone calls seriously, especially in an election year, because they show them that you – their constituent – are deeply concerned about the issue.

Can you take a few moments now and make a simple call to your MP’s office using a new tool we’ve built for you and tell their staff that you want them to stop C-51, and start over with a bill that defends our security, privacy and freedom? 
Click here to make your call.

So, after the amendments, what’s wrong with C-51? The bill is still:

Reckless – C-51 has a vague definition of terrorism that could be abused by governments and spy agencies to shut down dissent.

Dangerous – C-51 would shred our privacy by allowing information gathered through widespread spying on Canadians to be shared broadly within government.

It would also give CSIS new powers to intervene in the day-to-day life of Canadians, with actions that could break the law and violate the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Ineffective – C-51 fails to use proven counter-radicalization strategies, and contains no proper oversight to prevent abuses.

To take just one measure in the bill, do we really want to live in a Canada where a spy agency can go to a secret court to break the law or violate our Charter of Rights and Freedoms without our knowledge? That’s feudalism, not democracy.

We’ve put together some key talking points for you, including the party positions on C-51, to make it easy for you to place a simple call to stop C-51. Click here to find your local MP and make a simple call.

Over the last few months, we’ve called on you time and again to stand up and fight this bill – and you’ve stepped up every time. Most recently, your donations powered hard-hitting ads and organizing in the home ridings of two of the key Conservative MPs on the committee that passed the amendments.

Now let’s make another big push in the final days before the vote. Click here to make a call, and check out the simple talking points we’ve provided about the bill and the party positions.


Thanks for all you do.

With hope and respect, Jamie, Kelly, Logan, Francis and Rodrigo



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Submitted on Langley’s comment page: www.langleytimes.com/contact_us/?curSection=%2F&curTitle=Contact+Us&c=y)

In Greg Alexis’s letter published April 7, many misleading statements were made which should not, must not be left unaddressed.

First and foremost, he compares smart meters to radios people have in their homes. This is deliberately false. Smart meters are transmitters that receive and transmit thousands of microwave radiation signals a day. Radios cannot and do not.

He also says that world authorities say this radiation is safe. Not one will say that. Even Dr. Perry Kendall (who is not an expert but he is often referenced by Hydro) says he has never said wifi is safe. He can’t. There are too many real experts and thousands of studies that show otherwise.

Alexis also says that the signals are for only 1.4 sec. a day. This is untrue. Tests have shown that meters are emitting thousands of signals all day and night, 24/7/365. How else could Hydro know when there is an outage? The mesh grid depends on hundreds of meters keeping in touch with each other constantly.

Mr. Alexis and Hydro have been misleading the citizens of BC for 5 years now about these things. Smart meters are driving costs higher for people. They have failed, overheating and melting, leaked water, causing arcing and fires. They are capable of gathering personal data to which Hydro has no business or right.

Our Charter of Rights and Freedoms says we have the right to protect our homes and families. Hydro is ignoring our rights just as it is ignoring the truth about the dangers.

Sharon Noble
Victoria, BC

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