2015-04-18 Could BCHydro’s/FortisBC’s turning off power damage medical equipment?


  • Not Smart meter specific, but if the money trail were followed, wouldn’t it be interesting to see how much ITRON and Corix have contributed?



  • Africa uses its Smart meters to “load limit”, reducing or shutting power off for short periods. There are major concerns for technical or medical equipment. We have no idea how Hydro and Fortis will be controlling use of energy, but anything can happen once the grid is up and working.



  • In the UK, problems are common, possible benefits uncertain.



  • There are hundreds of studies showing that exposure to RF radiation can and does cause biological effects. More research is showing that the effects can be both harmful and beneficial, depending upon, among other things, the frequency and duration. The fact that there are biological/health effects can no longer be denied, as health Canada and, therefore, Perry Kendall have accepted as their mantra.


Electromagnetic field (EMF) exposures affect many biological systems. The reproducibility of these effects is related to the intensity, duration, frequency, and pattern of the EMF.”




  • A very interesting letter from Ontario, re inexplicably high bills.  I was told by an anonymous insider at Hydro that Hydro knows that the smart meters run “a little fast”. I was told the amount of money involved would be so small no customer would notice, maybe only $1 -$2 a month. For every $1 times 12 months times 1.8 million customers is  $21,600,000 of stolen money. Grand theft.  There is no way for me to prove this, but it’s a concern. Measurements Canada supposedly tests the accuracy of the meters, but this is done in a pristine setting – not on homes with lots of RF interference from all sorts of wireless devices like cell towers and phones, DECT (cordless) phones, wifi modems, and even other smart meters.


No wonder Hydro One customers are cynical by David Lemke – West Carleton Review – April 17, 2015:


And another about the dramatic increase in bills in Ontario, where they have time of use billing. Just wait until we do!


Hydro rates will be destruction of our economy  by Rosanna Mallais – Bracebridge Examiner – April 17, 2015:




    • I wish to pass on an experience I had with Hydro a couple of days ago that shows how badly trained the people are, and how they will say whatever they think you want to hear. My analog was replaced on April 2 and I wanted to know the expiry date of the “new” meter. I called the phone number in the letter I received. The Hydro rep initially said that the meters don’t expire – they last for 40 years. Analogs do last that long, but they do expire. Could she please check with her supervisor? About 5 min. later she came back and her boss said 40 years. When I told her this was incorrect, that brand new meters are certified for 12 years, she said, “You see.”  And hung up.

I called the smart meter department, thinking I’d have a hassle, and they immediately told me until the end of 2018.  We can’t trust anything these people tell us. I wonder if the 2018 date is right.


Sharon Noble


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  1. Ever wonder about that line loss charge on your hydro bill well here is a full explanation.
    In comparison, Cowan believes Hydro One doesn’t do enough to counter losses due to theft and physical factors.
    Why Hydro customers must pay for power they don’t use
    Kingston Whig-Standard –
    By Wesley Fok
    “Our major position on line loss has been and still is that companies should not be allowed to pass on 100 per cent of line loss to customers, because there’s no incentive to reduce them.”
    Cowan identified three main contributors to loss factors, including line resistance and theft of electricity. Lowering physical line resistance, however, would give only marginal returns.
    “It seems to me that the part that is easiest to get are the thieves,” he said. “They are point source losses.” you can read the entire article by typing in the Article header. Why are we paying for the theft of hydro? I think that this is a form of theft in itself and a case of fraud as they only mention line loss not theft on the hydro bill in Ontario, such as grow-ops people who by-pass their meters etc. Do you want to keep paying for people who steal hydro no well lets start to send those emails to all the hydro companies that ad this feature to their bills.

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