2022-09-07 Telus plans new towers on Cortes Island

1) You will recall efforts by Dr. Meg Sears and C4ST to have CEPA amended to ensure the right to a healthy environment. Protect Birds, Bees and Trees: Include Anthropogenic Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Radiation in CEPA https://preventcancernow.ca/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/Include-Anthropogenic-Radiofrequency-Electromagnetic-Radiation-in-Canadian-Environmental-Protection-Act-CEPA-Amendments_PCN-C4ST_2022-04-07.pdf She will be one of the experts participating in this series of webinars hosted by the Canadian Environment Law … Continue reading 2022-09-07 Telus plans new towers on Cortes Island

2022-08-31 5G–> Massive MIMOs

1) The “race” to have 5G across the US (and I imagine across Canada as well) is on. More cell towers with “massive” numbers of antennae means ‘massive’ increase in EMR in our neighbourhoods, schools, and homes and use of greater amount of energy. Verizon, American Tower sign long-term lease deal to support 5G rollout … Continue reading 2022-08-31 5G–> Massive MIMOs