2023-04-20 How the FCC has failed to protect the environment

1) Many items in prior updates have related to industry’s awareness that fibre optic cable is the “future” because wireless cannot accommodate the growing needs of the public. It makes no sense for the telecoms to invest in so many cell towers and the spread of 5G. In the long run, it cannot compete.

New Research from Fiber Broadband Association and Vantage Point Solutions Reveals Fiber is Essential To Close the Digital Divide

“The white paper notes that wireless networks can provide broadband to customers that have no better solution available, but its characteristics limit it from meeting the growing needs of broadband customers long-term, especially in rural environments. One of the most obvious limitations is cost. While wireless networks often require lower initial capital investment than landline networks, this advantage disappears or flips when considering the increased operational expenses of ongoing maintenance.

Other limitations lie in the spectrum itself. The amount of available spectrum limits broadband speed and capacity. There is less than 1,800 MHz of unlicensed and lightly licensed spectrum in the low-band and mid-band spectrum, while a single fiber has 59 million MHz of spectrum available for use—33,000 times more than unlicensed wireless. Much of the BEAD funding will be focused on rural areas, and wireless has the unfortunate characteristic that the radio signal degrades as the distance between the customer and tower increases. Additionally, the average broadband speed is over 250 Mbps and providers need to prepare for gigabit speeds in the next few years. There is no wireless spectrum available that would allow a fixed wireless network to practically and economically deliver that speed in a rural environment.”

New Research from Fiber Broadband Association and Vantage Point Solutions Reveals Fiber Is Essential To Close the Digital Divide


2) This purports to be a discussion among experts from the industry as well as “outsiders” which includes, among other topics, cybersecurity. Might be interesting to see what the acknowledged risks are and how they are being addressed.

5G Transformation: Risks and Opportunities in a connected world

Free Virtual Event

Wed. April 26, 2023, 12:30 pm -1:30 pm ET, 9:30am-10:30 am PT

“As fifth generation (5G) mobile technology continues to proliferate across Canada, businesses are poised to take advantage of new capabilities including private networks and network efficiency. From faster data to improved productivity and advanced automation, 5G opportunities abound. But they also change the cybersecurity threat landscape.”


3) An important webinar that will include many experts and a former FCC official — see Item 4 to learn more about her and the information she wants to share.

Cell Towers, Birds, Bees and Trees:

The Environmental Impacts of Electromagnetic Radiation To Flora and Fauna

Thursday, May 4, 2023
10am PST / 1pm EST

“This webinar will feature a series of flash talks and then a Q & A with international experts who have published in the field of wireless communications and environmental impacts, and funders who are investing in solutions for safer technology.”


4) We can be sure that Health Canada is just as negligent as the FCC. Hopefully, a whistle-blower will come forward one day soon.

The FCC has Failed To Protect The Environment Says Former FCC Attorney

The FCC’s Lack of Accountability Is Resulting in Environmental Damage

Erica Rosenberg, formerly Assistant Chief of the Competition and Infrastructure Policy Division at the Federal Communications Commission states the FCC has failed to protect the environment and the public. Since leaving the FCC, she has documented numerous ways that the FCC has failed to fulfill its mandatory duties related to environmental review regarding telecommunications infrastructure deployment.

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Her article entitled “Environmental Procedures at the FCC: A Case Study in Corporate Capture” [https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/00139157.2022.2131190?emci=2da1beaf-2ede-ed11-8e8b-00224832eb73&emdi=3b8fee8d-7adf-ed11-8e8b-00224832eb73&ceid=8208915] published in the journal Environment: Science and Policy for Sustainable Development states:

The result of the FCC’s lack of accountability is cumulative and incalculable environmental damage: views of protected landscapes and historic sites ruined, wetlands filled, endangered species habitat cleared, sacred sites desecrated, burial mounds and archaeological sites disturbed, and fragile underwater environments degraded.

Equally important, citizens and localities are left with little or no voice in siting decisions affecting them and their communities. As wireless technologies continue to proliferate, the impacts will multiply.

Please read and share Erica Rosenberg’s blog post entitled How the FCC Fails to Follow Environmental Laws and Fails the Public.  In addition, Theodora Scarato Executive Director of EHT interviewed Erica about the critical environmental issues related to telecommunications deployment which include:

  • The FCC ignores major federal actions (MFAs) requiring environmental review,
  • The FCC fails to provide adequate notice and opportunities for public comment on projects.T
  • The FCC fails to make environmental documents, such as radiofrequency (RF) emissions studies, readily accessible to the public.
  • The FCC routinely ignores or dismisses public comments so that it authorizes virtually all wireless projects as proposed, regardless of environmental concerns raised.

The interview with Erica Rosenberg is now online and features a photo montage of cell tower, 5G and small cell installations.



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters/Citizens for Safer Tech

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