2019-03-16 The fight for local input re. 5G

1)  A city in California is pushing against 5G intrusion into their community in an attempt recover some local control. The FCC in the US, similar to the ISED here in Canada, refuses to allow any debate about health issue as a reason for questioning any telecoms’ transmitters or towers. The FCC regulation is from 1996, 23 years ago, when the industry knew about the dangers but the public, for the most part, didn’t.  Now that scientific evidence is firm and the public is more aware, why isn’t this regulation being challenged?

Why are Canadians not demanding that their MPs confront this? [https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/z/canada-contact-e-mail-lists/]

California Mayor Admits Local Government Has “Lost Control” of 5G Rollout

“On March 6, the Danville Town Council voted four to one to block a permit for an upcoming small cell wireless installation by Verizon. During the meeting, Danville Mayor Robert Storer stated that the vote was an effort to stand up to the federal government and telecommunications companies, like Verizon.

The Danville Town Council’s decision to deny the land use-permit for the small cell opens the town to possible lawsuits from Verizon.

“We’ve made a lot of difficult decisions over the years, and this one is right up there in my top three. But that is exactly why somebody elects us to do the right things,” Mayor Robert Storer said during the council meeting. “We’ve lost local control and this says: ‘You know what? We are sick of this and we’re not going to just sit here and be bulled over.’ We say no; we play our cards out. We’ve been in lawsuits before.””


2)  A professor specializing in cybersecurity at the Macdonald-Laurier Institute explains why Canada should be very wary of allowing Huawei to develop our 5G network.

Why Canada Should be Wary of Huawei

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EmiMmwRfTsk   (3:23 min.)

3) In upstate Michigan, people are aware of the dangers posed by ITRON smeters, and have been given the right, as have the people in the southern area, to not have any smeter (no ZigBee to worry about) — for far less than we pay to have the transmitter disabled. 

Now that the NDP have returned the responsibility of oversight to the BCUC, we need to demand that a full review of the smeter program, from start to finish, be done.  

Protect yourself from smart meters

“Smart Meters have caused increased rates, privacy issues, fires, including deaths of individuals, pets, and entire families as well as health ailments and breakdown of the body’s immune system. I have seen grown men and women sob with pain, shock and distress because a smart meter was forced on them. The opt-out charge downstate $67.50 initially, monthly fee of $9.80. A recent ruling gets them a digital meter with no transmitting devices.”



From: Sharon Noble
To: “jcampbell” <jcampbell@mantecabulletin.com>
Sent: March 15, 2019
Subject: Will Sprint Remove the Tower?

Dear Mr. Campbell,

Re:  https://www.mantecablletin.com/news/local-news/will-sprint-remove-tower/ 

Your article, I hope, will be followed up so that your readers will have the opportunity to realize that there are thousands of independent studies that confirm that exposure to radiation from cell towers at levels far below the guidelines is dangerous. The district being told that the “tower is operating safely” so long as the radiation emitted by the cell transmitter is within the FCC guidelines is deliberately misleading and dangerously untrue.

One of of the many studies was published within the last year. It was a ten year study done by the famous Ramazzini Institute in Italy. It concluded that exposure to levels that are mere fractions of the allowed limits is responsible for many serious health effects, including cancer. I hope that you will read about this study and share this information with your readers. Here is just one source  https://ehtrust.org/worlds-largest-animal-study-on-cell-tower-radiation-confirms-cancer-link/ 

Telecoms have been aware for decades that microwave radiation is harmful but, like the tobacco industry before them, have chosen to hide the evidence and to hire scientists who will bend the truth, all for the sake of corporate profit. And, like tobacco, their customers are paying the price with their suffering. But where smokers choose to smoke, there is no choice about being exposed to this toxin. This radiation cannot be seen, smelled or sensed — and is becoming impossible to avoid. Children in the school do not benefit from Sprint’s tower being outside their school rooms, yet they are being exposed without choice. Their parents are allowing them to be exposed without being informed. The school district has contracted without complete disclosure by Sprint.

The school potentially is liable for these children becoming ill and could be sued. The government indemnifies telecommunication companies so long as their emissions are below the guidelines (which are among the worst in the world and do not apply to radiation from wireless devices). Major insurance companies, such as Lloyd’s of London, have refused for many years  to insure any risk associated with microwave radiation. Therefore, any person, company or school district that agrees to allow cell towers to be put on their property can and will be held liable in the event of a lawsuit.

Despite children contracting cancer, despite the industry having known for many years that microwave radiation is harmful, Sprint says there is no way that this legal contract can be broken. I hope that all of Sprint’s customers will cancel their contracts until Sprint does the right thing and moves not only this tower but all of their cell towers away from schools and homes.

Should you wish to have more information or to discuss anything I’ve written, please let me know.


Sharon Noble



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Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters 

“Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”    ~  Martin Luther King Jr.




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