2018-01-24 Insurance industry pondering costs of a “cyber problem”

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1)    From a member:  Recall of a Honda Portable Generator. In case anyone who has had service cut by BC Hydro and is using this generator.

Honda Portable Generator, Model EG2800i – Health Canada Recall

(click on photos to enlarge)

Product description

This recall involves the Honda Portable Generator, Model EG2800i. The generator has a red front cover and black metal frame.  The words “HONDA” in white lettering and model number “EG2800i” in white lettering with a red outline are printed on the front of the generator (black control panel). The product is intended to be an additional power supply for consumers.


2)    From Kate Kheel re National Geographic which is now partnered with Sprint.  If I was still a member, I would cancel and let them know why. (I am not – I got upset years ago about something NG supported that I felt was bad for the environment, but I don’t recall the specifics.)


“1. National Geographic partners with Sprint to offer a platform for Sprint to advertise 5G.

2. Sprint announces partnership with National Geographic launching  an initiative, “CHASING GENIUS: Unlimited Innovation” to Fuel the Game-Changing Technologies of Tomorrow

3. Contact info for National Geographic.

I don’t quite know where to go with this Sprint / National Geographic marriage. From the little I have read, it seems clear that National Geographic is completely sold on wireless as the wave of the future, and a way to heal all the problems on this earth.  I would like to publicly shame National Geographic but don’t quite know the best way. Thoughts?”

3) The insurance industry is beginning to ponder the costs it will face if/when a cyber “problem” occurs. With so much of the computer world using the cloud, one attack or accident will have major consequences. I wonder how long it will be before companies like Lloyds begin to refuse to cover such risks, just as they refuse to insure health claims related to exposure to microwave radiation.

U.S. cloud-computing failure could spur up to $19 billion in losses: Lloyd’s

“A cyber problem that temporary shuts down a top U.S. cloud computing provider could trigger as much as $19 billion in business losses, only a fraction of which would be insured, Lloyd’s of London said in a report Tuesday

A cyber incident that knocks out one of the 10th- to 15th-largest U.S. cloud providers for three to six days would cause $300 million and $1.5 billion in losses and between $40 million and $300 million in losses to the insurance industry. 

Smaller companies may rely more on the cloud than larger companies and are less likely to have cyber insurance, according to the report.”.


4)    Perry Kendall is retiring, again. It is shameful that he has not been forced to face his lack of oversight and negligence. Dr. Bonnie Henry is replacing him. She has been in his system, so it is likely she shares his views. Let’s hope she is more open-minded and diligent.


Doctor Bonnie Henry, BC Provincial Health Officer – http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/perry-kendall-retirement-1.4502023

https://archive.news.gov.bc.ca/releases/news_releases_2017-2021/2018HLTH0005-000096.htm   re. Dr. Henry


From: X
Sent: January 24, 2018
To: Weaver MLA, Andrew <andrew.weaver.mla@leg.bc.ca>

Subject: EMF Issue & request for response

Mr. Weaver

You have consistently rejected there is evidence EMF negatively impacts human (and any other living creatures’) health.
I am forwarding to you an additional study.
What would you consider convincing evidence?

I notice you are taking a strong stance on foreign ownership of BC residential housing giving media interviews.  It is almost as passionate as your support of Uber.

When will you respond to my earlier email as to whether you have concerns protecting wild salmon and if you will be proactive on ending fish farm tenures?  Or should I interpret your silence on this issue as analogous to the Site C wherein you knew you could not move the NDP and just let it go with the philosophy “it’s not worth an election”?

In my opinion, wild salmon are much more important to British Columbians than Uber rides.
And I think, as a minimum, I deserve a considered response.

What say you?


Groundbreaking Study Shows Shielding EMF Improves Autoimmune Disease 

The Ubiquity of Electrosmog

Concerns about electromagnetic fields (EMF) are branded pseudoscientific conspiracy theories and relegated to the realm of tin-hat wearing quackery. However, a recent publication in the peer-reviewed journal Immunologic Research entitled “Electrosmog and Autoimmune Disease,” sheds new light on the validity of concerns about this so-called electrosmog with which we are constantly inundated.

Although we encounter natural microwave electromagnetic radiation in the form of cosmic radiation from outer space, the aurora borealis, and thunderstorms, the vast majority of electrosmog that we encounter is largely manmade (1). These atmospheric phenomena, however, emit electromagnetic radiation at lower radio frequencies and are negligibly weak in comparison to manmade sources, which have increased exponentially due to the emergence of television, cellular phone technologies, and WiFI, all of which utilize microwave frequency bands (1).

According to researchers Marshall and Heil (2017), for instance, “The recent release of WiGig and anti-collision vehicle radars in the 60 GHz region embody a 1000-fold increase in frequency, and photon energy, over the exposures mankind experienced up until the 1950s””



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Activism is the rent I pay for living on this planet.”
~Alice Walker


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