2020-11-08 6G satellite in orbit

1) 5G is still in the works and we’re trying to figure out the biological effects of milliwaves — now here comes 6G which is supposed to be many times faster, using terahertz frequencies. China sends ‘world’s first 6G’ test satellite into orbit “China has successfully launched what has been described as “the world’s first … Continue reading 2020-11-08 6G satellite in orbit

2020-10-27 5G in Scientific American

1) A reminder about the press release tomorrow by EHT re. FCC Lawsuit. You can still register for the zoom meeting that starts at 10 am PST. https://myemail.constantcontact.com/Join-Our-Press-Conference-Tomorrow-on-the-FCC-Lawsuit.html?soid=1116515520935&aid=MYzVO7W9AAE 2) This very prestigious magazine has published an article educating and warning people about 5G. SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, THE OLDEST US MONTHLY MAGAZINE, ISSUES SEVERE WARNING ON 5G … Continue reading 2020-10-27 5G in Scientific American

Newsletters 2019-11 NOV

2019-11-01 –  5G —>more and more dangerous cyberattacks 2019 -11-02 –  German MDs March to Warn about 5G 2019-11-03 –  Dr. Kostoff re. potential health effects of 5G understated 2019-11-04 –  No newsletter 2019-11-05 –  Many reasons to ban 5G 2019-11-06 –  UBC Canada’s first “smart” campus, loaded with 5G towers  2019-11-07  –  Direct link: … Continue reading Newsletters 2019-11 NOV