2020-12-08 Rob Metzinger webinar Wed. re. RF measurement

1) Reminder: Rob Metzinger, of Safe Living Technology, is holding a free webinar at 5 PST on Wednesday, Dec. 9. This is being presented as part of the EMF Medical Conference series, all may attend but registration is required, at the link below. There will be a Q&A which will afford an opportunity to ask about meters and RF and EMF measurements from an expert.

Learn the Basics of Radio Frequency Measurement and Mitigation in Your Home – focus on healthcare practitioners


2) More articles explaining what is new with 5G, and why it must be stopped. More wireless devices means more microwave radiation both inside and outside our homes. Stronger beams which can be focused to specific areas where people, especially children, spend time.

What Makes 5G So Fast? mmWaves, MIMO, and Beamforming, and More

“mmWave can transmit about 6 gigabits per second for a short distance of around 1,000 feet. Therefore, 5G requires many cellular towers to make it work. 5G will create a very large M2M network. Because of its super speed, 5G can support a million IoT devices within 0.38 square miles (1 square kilometer) while 4G can only support 2,000. That’s a 500 thousand times improvement….

Borrowed from the military radar “phased arrays” technology, 5G is able to create beamforming based on panels of small antenna elements. In the mmWave bands, beamforming is a process used to produce narrow beams that can be controlled to point in a specific direction. Adjusting the amplitude and phase-out of each antenna, beamforming can produce strong beams that can penetrate through buildings. This will maximize signal strength.”


3) Dr. Beatrice Golomb was a major contributor to the NSA report and identified the possible cause of the “mystery illness” in 2018, yet was not credited in the report itself. Dr. Golomb has now agreed to participate in the January EMF Medical Conference and will speak about her paper.

“In 2018, Dr. Beatrice Golomb shared her published paper with the US State Department entitled “Diplomats’ Mystery Illness and Pulsed Radiofrequency/Microwave Radiation which states, “A tremendous number of physicians and scientists and entities and scientific studies and government reports, in many nations, over many decades, have identified that RF/MW causes symptoms consistent with the spectrum now described for diplomats.” Her paper concludes that “ “Reported facts appear consistent with radiofrequency microwave as the source of injury in diplomats in Cuba. Nondiplomats citing symptoms from radiofrequency microwave often with an inciting pulsed-radiofrequency microwave exposure, report compatible health conditions.””


Diplomats’ Mystery Illness and Pulsed Radiofrequency/ Microwave Radiation by Beatrice Alexandra Golomb – https://static1.squarespace.com/static/58fa27103e00bed09c8eac2c/t/5b7f95930e2e7262c9be0455/1535088022263/Cuba+2018-08-23c+-NEJM.pdf


4) A member shared this from BC Hydro — a chance to answer surveys or participate in workshops about future plans. I wonder if they will discuss Site C, its costs and dangers, the loss of habitat and harm to the environment, etc. Notice one topic is time-of-use rates which was one of the justifications for the smeters. I haven’t read any of the survey info, but I think it’s important that we participate to know what BC Hydro might be planning re use of the smeters as a critical component of the 5G grid.

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Clean Power 2040: Powering the future

“Like other utilities, BC Hydro can’t predict exactly what the future holds, so periodically, we create plans to give us long-term strategic direction. We’re calling our current plan-development process, “Clean Power 2040”, and we want you to be part of it.

Through Clean Power 2040, we’re gathering input from customers, Indigenous communities, regulators and governments. We’re also looking at technical, financial, environmental and economic development considerations….

Embracing new technology

New technology is changing the way we live. Planning ahead now means we’ll be more resilient and ready to meet your needs over the long term. We’re keeping an eye on advancements in technology, exploring ways to integrated it and exploring the potential benefits. For example, we are looking at ways that solar power, battery storage and other advanced technology could fit into our future power system. We’re also planning to explore ways to manage electricity use during higher-demand times, including time-of-use rates, electricity conservation and efficiency programs.”



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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