2020-10-23 More pressure in EU re. Phonegate phones

1) ICNIRP has made itself into THE expert on RF, supporting and promoting guidelines first set decades ago that are based on thermal effects only. This is an incestuous group of industry/military-affiliated scientists and engineers, many of whom have no expertise in EMR before being named to the group. Somehow, this non-official body sets the standards followed by WHO, Health Canada, FCC, etc. even though it has been called corrupt and dangerous. This is a very important point to make when discussion of Safety Code 6, Health Canada, etc.

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Leszczynski: There is something utterly wrong with the ICNIRP membership

“Wu, Rappaport & Collins also pointed out that the then (in 2014) used human health safety guidelines were obsolete:

“…It is important to note that many governments presently rely on regulations that were developed before the year 2000, well before the rapid growth of wireless communications and low-cost mmWave devices. Thus, new approaches and additional data are needed to mitigate any unnecessary anxiety of the general public as new mmWave technologies evolve, while ensuring the safe use of future mmWave systems and devices…”..

Eyes, due to their lack of blood circulation that can provide cooling, are especially sensitive to potential temperature increases caused by EMF exposures, including the millimeter-waves.””


2) Just a reminder about this conference, for which doctors can get credits. Would be wonderful if doctors could be incentivized to participate and become informed about EMR.

EMF Medical Conference Jan.28-31, 2020


An amazing group of speakers and an opportunity for us to “attend” this conference virtually.



3) Denmark, like Canada, still has the Razer Phone 2 on the market but the authorities have at least acknowledged the fact that the phone’s RF levels exceed guidelines set by governments, even by ICNIRP. Health Canada told me that it wasn’t their job to monitor. ISED has yet to respond to my questioning their “auditing” of phones and steps taken to at least alert the public. Razer 2 is very popular with younger people who “game”.

Phonegate Denmark : first withdrawal of a smartphone (Razer Phone 2) and intervention of the health authorities

“Thanks to the work of Danish freelance journalist David Wedege (in conjunction with Dr Marc Arazi and our teams), the Danish authorities were asked to find out why cell phones considered “non-compliant” by the French authorities continued to be sold on the Danish market. The journalist focused in particular on the withdrawal in France in May 2020 of the Razer Phone 2.

“The Danish Health and Medicines Authority has become aware that the use of a specific mobile phone, which from November 2018 has been marketed in Denmark, especially in the gaming environment, can lead to exceeding the limit value. These are mobile phones of the type Razer Phone 2. We therefore encourage users of the phone not to use the mobile phone in question. We also refer to the Danish Health and Medicines Authority’s current recommendations for the use of mobile phones.””

Phonegate Denmark: first withdrawal of a smartphone (Razer Phone 2) and intervention of health authorities


4) More than 50 people who, while living/working in Cuba and China, became ill by what many think could have been a microwave weapon have been fighting for more than 2 years to have their illnesses recognized and to receive compensation.


U.S. Diplomats and Spies Battle Trump Administration Over Suspected Attacks

“Mark Lenzi and his wife had lightheadedness, sleep issues and headaches, and their children were waking up with bloody noses — symptoms they thought might be from the smog in Guangzhou, China, where Mr. Lenzi worked for the State Department. But air pollution could not explain his sudden memory loss, including forgetting names of work tools.

What began as strange sounds and symptoms among more than a dozen American officials and their family members in China in 2018 has turned into a diplomatic mystery spanning multiple countries and involving speculation about secret high-tech weapons and foreign attacks….

Many diplomats, C.I.A. officers and scientists suspect a weapon producing microwave radiation damaged the victims’ brains. But some scientists and government officials argue it was a psychological illness that spread in the stressful environment of foreign missions. Some point to chemical agents, like pesticides.”






Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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