2020-10-24 A “letter to Greta” from a telecom. engineer

1) Another “Dear Greta” letter, this one from a Belgian Engineer who used to work for the telecommunications industry. Thanks to his wife raising concerns, he now wants to share what he has learned about 5G’s threat to our environment and climate change.

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A geek researches 5G

“At 33, I met my wife. She works for an environmental organisation. Through her, I started to realize the extent of environmental problems like global warming, pollution, e-waste and their impacts on living beings. I also started to connect with nature and got energized by observing tiny insects, flowers and the stars. (I have a telescope.) I increased my efforts to reduce our household’s waste, use renewable energy and buy energy efficient devices.

But I was still in the dark about problems caused by my own industry….

I believe that technology should benefit our society. It should co-exist harmoniously with all living beings and ecosystems. But I have learned recently that technology can harm everything I care for, on a very large scale. Only a few years back, the odds that I would write to someone like you about re-thinking how to build the Internet would have been slim. Now, I want everyone to know 5G’s footprint. I want you to learn the key facts and have the widest possible picture about 5G so that you can make your own opinions. I encourage you to check and research the facts for yourself.”


2) Another case has just been reported of suspected microwave weapons being used to cause debilitating health effects in Australia. Why is this being done? If the wireless signals were part of a spying effort, to get access to secure information, wouldn’t meeting rooms be a more logical target?

CIA agents claim they were targeted by a ‘microwave weapon’ in Australia

“It’s been reported that the pair may have been attacked as part of a global campaign by Russia that left American spies and diplomats suffering from mysterious brain-like illnesses.”

https://www.msn.com/en-au/news/australia/cia-agents-claim-they-were-targeted-by-a-microwave-weapon-in-australia/vi-BB1agS2q?ocid=st2   (video 3:27 min.)



3)  From Dr. Don Maisch. It is so hard to know for sure if something like use of cell phones is the cause of any particular case of cancer, but when an unusual type of cancer increases without any know reason, wouldn’t you think doctors would at least consider cell phone radiation as a possibility?

Alarming increase in female tongue cancer which the medical fraternity cannot explain. But what about cell phone use?

“New research has found an alarming increase in tongue cancer amongst young females but the study’s co-author hasn’t yet found a possible cause. Well, how about this possibility. Mobile phone use by the women with their mobile phone held next to the face.”

Alarming increase in female tongue cancer which the medical fraternity cannot explain. But what about cell phone use?



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Men are only as good as their technical development allows them to be.”       George Orwell



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