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  1. I may have missed it, but after being told they had ten days to agree to a smart meter or have their power cut off, has anyone had this threat carried out? If so, what has been the reaction?
    Doug & Pat Arman

    1. No, but many harassing letters warning of disconnection. I Pay $32 a month to keep my analog & just last month Hydro replaced my meter with another analog (which the installer said may be older than my exchanged one, just refurbished). My meter is in an enclosed garage which the mete readers took readings through the window with binoculars if I wasn’t home. Apparently after 15 yrs of this when the smart meter program rolled out…binoculars couldn’t see the same meter any more…oh the letters & conversations…

  2. Regarding Minister Bennett’s comment where he said “…nobody will be forced to take a smart meter”, I called BC Hydro on two different occasions this week to clarify and this is their response:

    1) The agents were not aware of the Minister’s statement.

    2) If you are a new customer (who do not currently have an account—newcomers to BC, for example) or had an account but it was inactive during the Meter Choices Program in 2013 when one gets to opt-in, you will be forced to take a smart meter. One would think the whole point of opting-in is such that persons in absentia would be automatically opted out by default—not the case with Meter Choices Program apparently.

    2) Even if you are one of the “few”, according to the agents, who chose to retain a legacy/radio-off meter, when you open an additional account, a smart meter will be assigned to the new account unless you already had multiple accounts open during the Meter Choices Program in 2013 and paid to retain multiple legacy/radio-off meters.

    Unless I interpreted the Minister’s statement incorrectly or out of context, both of the points above seem to be in contradiction to the statement.

  3. How can a device be forced upon anyone and it has toxic electromagnetic radiation emitting from them,not CRT approved.
    When did BC Hydro go from a public utility to a for profit
    privately owned utility?
    Is not federal wiretapping laws violated by this spyware and
    why does it pulse 140,000 times per day.
    Only part of the faults named here, nothing good on internet
    about smartmeters at all.

    1. Tom, there is nothing good or beneficial about these things, as confirmed by the Ontario Auditor General’s report. After several years they have seen nothing but problems. And now we know the life span is 5-7 years, not the promised 20 that both Hydro and Fortis used in their business plans. To boot, we know these are fire hazards as acknowledged by the UL, the certification body. These are dangerous, invasive, and defective. Why isn’t the NDP demanding that ITRON remove them and fund the costs? Why isn’t the BC Utilities Commission doing its job? Please keep telling friends about this because most people haven’t a clue. also push your MLA at every opportunity and write the media.

    2. I am in the United States and people here are going through the same thing. I had a meter put in my yard against my will. I made the installers call the police so I could have it documented that I did not want the installed on my property. I am fighting hard but the process is slow. I am sensitive to EMF and RF. I can hear it in my head and it is so loud sometimes I think my head will pop.

      I am using the revised reports of the Canadian Parliament to and prove my case. So many people here have their head in the sand about Electromagnetic Radiation.

  4. One opinion from the BCUC is that now there is so much microwave pollution in the majority of North American lives that smart meters are simply a part of the parcel. We all need to reduce or eliminate our use of WI-fi & microwave radiation. Refuse smart meters and help each other find alternatives . Reduce our careless use of electricity. Then the supplier of electricity will change their tune because the bottom line and sometimes only important factor for corporations is money.

    1. The BCUC’s statement is like if a little poison doesn’t kill you, than more is ok. Stupid and contrary to science. RF microwave effects are cumulative. We must reduce our exposure and not believe the industry when it says we’re all exposed already so this doesn’t matter. Smart meters emit a unique, very dangerous high pulsed, modulated signal all day every day. We can’t turn it off or escape it. There are many thousands, as many as a couple a second. It’s like being hit twice a second, really hard. Our cells can’t take it.
      As for costs, we will be paying for 2-3 at a time because of the sort life span. And this is in addition to high maintenance. These are computers. How long does your computer run without an upgrade — not long. A bottomless pit.

  5. sure too bad we only have b.c. hydro to rely on, competition would be great, prices could become lower

  6. I always thought we had freedom me choice in Canada why is it one company can make up use a product we do not want why is a company can take our freedom me choice away ……….. since when was that aloud

  7. That is the entire purpose of the class action lawsuit against Hydro. The Charter of Rights and Freedom say a govt or a govt agency cannot force me to accept a product or device that I, as a reasonably intelligent person, considers to be dangerous. Hydro is trampling on our constitutional right and we must stop them. I say I want my right to choose what I have on or use in my home. You must demand the same thing.

  8. I have a standing battle with Hydro for the last 4 yrs. Commercial rates from day one, Residential property, numerous phone calls to rectify this no satisfaction, going to end up in court for restitution, & pain suffering. There bullies with benefits, high unjust rates with no compensation.

  9. Are the court proceedings finished? My understanding was that December 7-11 was the allotted time.

    When is the decision expected?

    What is the opinion of the lawyer regarding the chances of the approval being successful?

    1. The certification hearing did occur Dec. 7-11, and now we’re waiting for the judge’s decision. If the decision is in our favour, then the class action moves forward. A long road ahead but an important one. Our civil rights are at risk.
      The lawyer feels optimistic, as do those of us who attended the hearing.

  10. Any word on the decision? If not, any indication as to when it is to be expected?

    Also, should the case not be allowed to proceed, what then?


  11. Nothing yet, and we have no idea when the judge will announce her decision.
    If the case is not allowed, there is still the chance to appeal. There will have to be discussion about that if/when the time comes.
    A class action lawsuit takes a long time, and lots of money. BC Hydro has bottom pockets filled with out money so the costs are not a concern to them.
    As for time — lives and property are being put at risk due to the fact that meters pose a major and real fire hazard. These things should be recalled and our money refunded — fees and costs — by ITRON. They are defective and should never have been allowed to be put on homes.

    1. Those of us who refused smart meters are now being forced to take the radio off meters whether we want them or not. They are removing functioning meters to accomplish this, telling us that they have ‘expired’ although no one could show us how they came about that decision. Is there anything we can do to stop them from forcing us into these radio off meters? I fear that Hydro is not honest with us, and as such do not trust these meters either.

      Still no word on the class action??? How many have to suffer before changes are allowed? We should be allowed to choose whether or not we live with this exposure.

    2. Those of us who refused smart meters are now being forced to take the radio off meters whether we want them or not. They are removing functioning meters to accomplish this, telling us that they have ‘expired’ although no one could show us how they came about that decision. Is there anything we can do to stop them from forcing us into these radio off meters? I fear that Hydro is not honest with us, and as such do not trust these meters either.

      1. Hydro has not been honest with us about the smart meter issue from day one, so why trust them now? They have told people for many months that there are no more analogs, yet somehow, when people are able to insist, they get analogs. Just yesterday (Feb. 17) someone received a “replacement” analog. Send me an email (director@stopsmartmetersbc.com) and I’ll share some ideas that could help you.

  12. Just received a letter from Hydro saying my analog meter of just 2yrs in the house now has an expired measurement seal and my only option is to have a radio off smart meter. I spoke to Hydro demanding a new analog meter and the rep. said there are no more analog or digital meters in B.C. Do you know if people’s position in the lawsuit will be jeopardized by the acceptance of a radio off smart meter?

    1. Please see my response above, but if you are forced to take a smart meter with the TRANSMITTER turned off, it will still have many of the problems that the “smart meter” has. Prime of these is the fire hazard.
      (I refuse to use Hydro’s term “radio off”. They deliberately use this to try to deflect the concerns that people would have with transmitters. These are microwave transmitters that emit RF radiation, not radios.)
      No, anyone can join and can benefit from the class action. Many people were unaware of the problems or were tricked/deceived/forced to take the smeter before the “meter choice program” was introduced. The class action is for the benefit of all British Columbians because we all are having our Charter Rights trampled.

  13. I am new to the Province, and have moved into a rented house with a smart meter. I am very sensitive to RF & EMF, had successfully remediated my environment in my previous home…but now am experiencing the debilitating symptoms again. Hydro has advised they will not provide me with an alternative. However, I can, at my cost, have the meter moved on the property. At least $3,000.
    How can I become involved in this organized effort to remove these meters? Regardless of the decision.

  14. Hi, J.C.
    The best way to get involved is to get on a list to receive my updates, in which I try to keep people informed about what is happening here and elsewhere. Also I try to inform people about the health, security and safety issues involved with wireless devices, especially smart meters but not exclusively.
    If you would like to receive updates, email me with “update” on the subject line, and I will happily add you to my list.
    One of the most important things people can do is to spread the world about the many problems associated with these dangerous, invasive devices. Once our combined voices are loud enough, the politicians will not be able to ignore us.

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