Class Action Lawsuit – Current Status

This newsletter is to bring you up to date on the current status of the Class Action Civil Lawsuit against BC Hydro, to inform you of the court timeline for submissions and court hearings, and to let you know we are going to need every one of you who believes in justice, truth and freedom to keep supporting this lawsuit with your time, effort and valuable donations!

 We cannot allow ourselves to be divided and conquered, so we are asking as we never have before that you get on board with this lawsuit and keep it alive, so we will have the chance of winning back our rights, no matter which political party is in power.

 Read the whole Status Report here

10 thoughts on “Class Action Lawsuit – Current Status”

  1. Hello, is there anyone there with a number i can call with a few questions? I’ve been holding out on the smart meter but need to get one now to split hydro with others fairly (I can’t pay the $68.00 extortion fee myself). But I want to find out more about the class action suit, how I can participate non-financially, and where things are at in laypersons terms. Resistance in isolation fells pretty futile as a low-income person. Peace, Geoff

  2. Did you get any help? or advise? We are also faced with a letter received today May 5, 2015 from BC Hydro stating that if we do not give access by May 10, 2015 they will disconnect us. Has anyone had any success with not getting cut off? We have paid their extortion fees, their no connect fees and all our bills on time. Any help or suggestions are appreciated. We do not want a smart meter.

  3. We have received a letter stating that we have until May 10 to contact BC Hydro regarding access. If we do not contact them our service will be subject to disconnection.
    It states: Our records show that installers were previously unable to access the BC Hydro meter(s) at this property. Pease ensure there is unobstructed access so that BC Hydro can exchange the electricity meter(s).
    It then goes on to give reasons Sec 9.5 and Sec 2.3.5
    Can they force us to have a smart meter installed?
    Any suggestions???

    1. Hi, Gillian,
      If you are paying legacy (the extortion) fees BC Hydro cannot, by law, put a smart meter on your home. The letter that you, and many others received, is a blatant attempt to scare you, to further intimidate those who are claiming their charter right to determine what is put on their homes. The letter does not explain that the exchange is required because the meter has “expired”, meaning its accuracy must be determined according to Measurement Canada rules. All meters, be they at gas stations, in grocery stores or on our homes must be accurate, and every few years the electricity meters have to be checked. If Hydro had explained this in its letter, instead of threatening disconnection for no reason, I’m sure you would not have been so scared.
      Tell Hydro you want an appointment so that you can turn your power off. Too many incidents of fires, damaged appliances, etc have occurred by exchanging a meter with power on. this is counter to normal practice and is dangerous. Tell them, too, that you will take only an analog meter. The digital meters they want to install have many of the same problems as smart meters. There are many design features that make them fire hazards, plus they will increase dirty electricity on your home wiring.
      When the installer calls your home to make the appointment, you should expect much better treatment than you will receive from the Hydro phone reps. These people by and large are poorly trained and ill-informed, with their job being to get you off the line and to be intimidated further — hopefully making you take a smart meter. The installers are professional Hydro workers, no longer inexperienced Corix people. When the installer calls, ask if he has an analog. Work with him and he will get you one.
      I hope people will lodge official complaints with both the Ombudsperson and BCUC ( about this letter, and the disrespect with which people are being treated when they phone Hydro for an explanation.

      Good luck,
      Sharon Noble

  4. Hi Hannah,
    We got the same letter. If you want to phone me, I can share what we are doing. I received an email from Sharon, who was very helpful.
    I wonder if they are trying again to force people to think they have to comply. I have a draft letter I am willing to share with you, as well as the contacts I am sending to . I am going to send to Sharon for her thoughts. My question is what is the purpose of the access? To once again try to change the meter?
    604 461-8632

    1. I have received a letter but they are saying they have every legal right to install one because the name on the bill is now my name and no longer my ex’s name. He decided to leave me after 24 years for my friend and the land we live on has always been in his name till last year.something about the time ran out after 2013 and now if I refuse they will charge me 65$ plus will disconnect my hydro, can anyone help me?

      1. This should be considered no different than a death of a spouse. Widows have been pressured like you to accept a smeter when they change the name on the account, but there have been instances when reason has won out and the widow was allowed to keep her analog. The meter choice program is geared to get a smeter on every home, but reason much prevail regarding the “rules”. The change of account name was directed at people who are moving. I would suggest that you not try to reason with the people on the front line when you call. They don’t have any authority and little knowledge beyond the talking points they’ve been given. Go to their superior and, if necessary, to Greg Reimer, head of the program. If they will not budge, go to BCUC and lay a complaint. Patrick Wruck’s phone number is 604-660-3632. The time running out is a phony argument. There is nothing sacred about their “rules.” Do you have an MLA who is of any use? Few are, but there are some who will help out if needed.
        Remind them that these things are fire hazards, and that you have a Charter Right not to be forced to have something put on your home by the govt that you believe to be harmful.
        Good luck and please let me know what happens.

  5. Is this the only information regarding the class action?

    Has there really be nothing more done since November 2014?

    Are we to assume that the lawsuit is now dead?

    I have to assume so after over nine months of no updates.

    1. Yes I sure would like to see a monthly update even if it says “no news”. There should at all times be a notice that clearly states the date of the next assumed action (court date – filing date – whatever). I know the sites involved with this lawsuit are volunteer run, but keeping folks updated will help retain the hold outs that are now considering caving in – if they see signs of life maybe they will hang in a little longer. An update takes very little effort or time – especially on a WordPress site – no programming required! 😉

  6. Good idea, Bryan, and I will begin to add a regular statement to remind people of the status of the class action lawsuit. We are in a holding position until December. Nothing to report, but I will add this. Thank you.

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