Radiation protection in conflict with science


The world if overflowing in data and information and it is difficult to keep focused on what is important.  I search and follow many links and sometimes find very valuable items.  This is one.  Please read.

Radiation protection in conflict with science

by Pr Franz Adlkofer  – 2011

See wifiinschools.org.uk/resources/Nextup+Franz+Adlkofer.pdf

EHS RETREATS – In this article there is reference to the Area for the EHS – Forest Saoû France a retreat for those suffering from EHS.   Do a web search and read.  This was a good idea until the governments shut it down.  I must research more on EHS safety sites.

Here is a new link on the French EHS retreats – http://www.next-up.org/France/An_area_for_the_EHS.php  –  I have no ideal if this is still active.



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