Ontario Hydro One Customers are going BALLISTIC

People living in BC are having a tough time with BC Hydro and Fortis BC.

The problems we are fighting are

  • Smart Meter Radiation causing health problems
  • High and unexplained power usage
  • Bully tactics about Smart Meter installation
  • Onerous charges for keeping old Analogue meters

I have just visited a face book group that is trying to get consumers of power in Ontario which is supplied by Hydro ONE.

See this Face Book group and get ideas how we can fix our problems with BC Hydro and Fortis BC.

Hydro One - Enough is Enough

see https://www.facebook.com/groups/102253803156673/

2 thoughts on “Ontario Hydro One Customers are going BALLISTIC”

  1. Hydro one is bankrupting me….my CPP federal fixed monthly income us $905…my bill for this month is $805.89……leaving me with less than $100 to live…. Forcing me to go to food banks and such…….

    SHAME ON YOU HYDRO ONE and double SHAME on you Liberals.

  2. I have been fighting them for over seven years with no results, all this time talking to hydro-one, mpp, umbudsman, energy board, no results yet and its a shame we pay our auditor general to do an audit on hydro-one that comes back that we are getting ripped off but yet our government is still doing nothing about it.businesses are moving out of province and families are having to give up there homes because they can’t afford the high cost of hydro. Right now our hydro is not to far off from our mortgage payments, it’s just sad.

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