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  1. – When Fortis comes to your door to install a smart meter, they DO NOT inform you of ‘THE MYSTERY SMART METER FIRES’ already prevalent in B.C. – MYSTERY FIRES INVOLVING SMART METERS include the latest report coming out of Chilliwack B.C. These gadgets are involved and at the center of many fire investigations across this province in : Kamloops, Vernon, Kelowna, Prince George, Millet, Burnaby, Vancouver- and the list is growing. NO ONE pays attention to this because of the lack of media reports on smart meter fires until it hits your doorstep. THIS IS A KNOWN and RECOGNISED fore hazard in Ontario, Saskatchewan, Germany, Australia and many more.
    IT IS AGAINST THE LAW TO “ACCOMMODATE” a recognised fire hazard into our homes and falls under ‘TREASON’. That’s what I will be filing for as a reason for a ‘stay of installation’ of any smart meter in my home. Fire is our ‘known enemy’- get out there and shake every town councillor/MLA and authority to make your voice heard!

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