2015-01-01 Hydro continues to harass even during the holidays


1)   Here is a video showing how a smeter is made. It could be any meter, but this one is an ITRON. Notice the plastic material, and the things that are tested – nothing re safety, only accuracy. Interestingly there is no mention of the lithium battery that these meters contain. The explosive lithium battery ensures the data is not lost if there is a power outage.



2)   Below the letters is an email that pertains to the US Naval RF war exercises planned for the Olympic Peninsula, but which will inevitably affect BC. It is addressed to some of the First Nations groups who may not have heard about this. If you have any contacts in First Nations please send to them.

3)   Major concerns about security of data. Even if customers were given the choice, access could be given away cheaply for something like a price incentive.

 “I think the data is going to be worth a lot more than the commodity that’s being consumed to generate the data,” said Miles Keogh, director of grants and research at the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners.



4)   In Quebec an employee is not allowed to break and enter for the purpose of installing a smeter, unlike here in BC where homes have been broken into, doors removed or broken, and one person was assaulted – and as far as I know no employee was chastised, no apologies offered to the victims.



5)   The UK is using Canada as an example of what not to do. Very wise. They are right – there was no accountability, no one taking responsibility (or even admitting) the failures and problems.



6)   In this industry article, BC Hydro is praised for successful completion of the grid. I hope you will take time to set this falsehood right.



7)   Hydro is continuing to harass people with threats delivered via recorded messages, demanding payment of outstanding payments within 24 hours or else face loss of power. Hydro is making these outlandish threats for the smallest of outstanding amounts. Now they are threatening people with no outstanding amounts. Purely continued harassment of those of us who are refusing to submit.  To me it smacks of strong-arm tactics I see in movies about the mob. Below is a letter from a member who recently suffered this bullying.


8)   Privacy and cybersecurity are major concerns of organizations like the US FBI, CIA and Homeland Security. Oddly these agencies keep warning but there doesn’t seem to be anyone paying attention. Please send this to MPs and MLAs – yes, they probably will ignore this just like all of the other emails, but sometime someone might read one.

This from one of the smeter-fighting groups in Illinois. Some of the citations at the bottom are very interesting.




Sent: December 30, 2014 8:56 PM
To: Nanaimo Bulletin; news@nanaimodailynews.com; letters
Cc: christy clark mla; bill bennett mla; douglas routley mla; laurie gourlay; john horgan mla; andrew weaver mla
Subject: BC Hydro Threatens

This evening, in the middle of our supper, we received a recorded phone call from B.C. Hydro. A voice said that if we do not pay our bill within 24 hours, our power would be disconnected. It went on to list several things we must do, such as pay the bill right away and phone them back to report it paid.  The message assumed we could press #1 to hear the recording again. Our phone is a dial phone with no buttons to press, so I missed the phone number and details. History is that “Smart Meters” raise concerns for us about their health effects cited in scientific journals, the incidences of melting wires and fires at the “smart meter” sites on homes, and the risk of privacy invasion from wireless technology. We had paid our monthly bills, minus the monthly “Legacy fees”, as our analogue meter was read bi-monthly before. We believe that we should not be forced to have a “Smart Meter” on our property to avoid the extra, exorbitant “Legacy fees”, which appear to be punishment. One week ago, we phoned BC Hydro to inquire about billing fees we did not understand. We had already paid the “Legacy fees”, “under duress” from written threats to cut our power off. When we understood the bill, we told the man we would mail a cheque for the remaining interest.  B.C. Hydro and the B.C. Liberal Government appear to be revengeful to people, who are looking out for their own health and protection. They do not even have the courtesy to phone during daytime hours in person, to explain why they have a problem, when we have already paid. We phoned this evening, as requested, to learn that they had already received all our payments, although their recording related to our bill said we owe them money. Bottom line, we feel the harassment of the Liberal government and our electric power company does not show respect or regard for our rights to maintain our healthy environment.


From a member in response to a fund raising email, highlighting is his.

Sent: December 30, 2014 7:03 AM
To: Emily McMillan, Green Party of Canada
Subject: Re: why we do this

Dear Emily McMillan, Green Party of Canada

I, and many  friends will only, contribute to a party that will promise to stop the poisonous electromagnetic fields that are being emitted into our atmosphere, including so called Smart Meters, and driving people from their homes   and  harming our health .

If I can get a commitment from the Green party that they will work towards cleaning up our atmosphere ,

I will contribute.

Yours Truly XXXXXXX



From Facebook page: Protect Olympic Peninsula shared Michael John Monson’s post.

December 29 at 10:29am ·

Important communication. Navy refused to answer questions on what tribal response was to their planned warfare range in or near tribal lands saying, “these are government to government relations.”

Considering the Navy’s lack of notice to other affected communities, there is a question of how much they’ve told the tribes, or if the tribal leaders aware of the opposition from throughout the region. A big THANK YOU to COER for taking on this task of notification!

Michael John Monson  > ‎Protect Olympic Peninsula

This has been sent to over 100 Tribal leaders of the area, if your leaders don’t talk about this…… You bring it up!

December 26, 2014

To: chair, local tribe………

From: Michael Monson, President, Citizens of Ebey’s Reserve

Re: Impacts of US Navy Warfare Training on Salish Sea, Olympic National Forest and Park

A growing coalition of organizations in the Northern Puget Sound and Olympic Peninsula is coming together to oppose the Navy’s plans for expanded warfare training in the Pacific Northwest. The Navy’s warfare training is part of the massive military build-up taking place in our region. This warfare training and increased Naval operations will impact all of us. We hope the Tribe will consider this issue and join in our efforts to protect people and the precious natural resources we all value.

Central to this growing controversy are the EA-18G (Growler) fighter jets that are already impacting Puget Sound’s northern islands–Whidbey and the San Juans–hammering homes, schools, businesses and parks. The Navy currently has 80 Growler jets operating out of Whidbey Island, but that number is expected to grow to as high as 118. These electronic warfare jets, the loudest ever built (150 decibels), each burn 1,304 gallons/hour, producing 12.5 metric tons of CO2 hourly or 23% more than the annual CO2 emissions of a Washington State citizen.

Now the Navy wants to spread its Growler noise-print all over the Olympic Peninsula’s National Park, the surrounding national forest, and adjacent communities. The Navy plans to take and periodically close large swathes of the Olympic National Forest, along with airspace over it and the Olympic National Park, for its Northwest Electromagnetic Radiation Warfare training program. It already performs this training on four bases in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Nevada, but now says it needs the Olympic Peninsula because it wants ALL Growlers to be home-based at Whidbey Naval Air Station.

These jets will fly directly over North Olympic Peninsula communities and cities for 260 days per year, to do 2,900 training exercises for 8-16 hours per day at 15 locations using equipment that emits enough electromagnetic radiation to melt eye tissue after brief exposure.   In addition, the Growler jets have the capacity to jam all electronic signals, including cellphones, navigational equipment, radio stations and 911 and fire-rescue communications, and they carry electronic attack weapons that include lasers, high-powered microwaves, electromagnetic radiation, and anti-radiation devices that use concentrated, directed beams of energy. A Navy supporting document says, “Friendly Electronic Attack could potentially deny essential services to a local population that, in turn, could result in loss of life and/or political ramifications.”

No public notices were published in any media that directly serve the northern and western Olympic Peninsula. In the absence of public comment, the Navy issued a “Finding of No Significant Impact.” No official public hearings were held in any of the affected communities.

Instead, the Navy and Forest Service held “informational meetings” in 3 communities, but public comments were never recorded. The use of electronic attack weaponry was never discussed in the Navy’s documentation. The Forest Service has admitted publicly that it has done no independent scientific investigation to verify the Navy’s claims.

The Navy is authorized to fly at 6000 feet above mean sea level, but the ground rises in mountains. In some areas they will be flying at 1200 feet. Navy statistics for older jets say they produce 113 decibels at an altitude of 1000 feet, which is well above the 85 decibel threshold for permanent hearing loss. In a 2009 jet noise study, the Navy admits that its own personnel remain at high risk for hearing loss.   Aircraft aerial maneuvers and their resulting horrific noise on the western half of the Olympic Peninsula will have an overwhelming impact on people living in or visiting the area. A National Park Service report issued in July 2014 showed that in 2013,   3,085,340 visitors to Olympic National Park spent $245,894,100 in communities near the park–spending that supported 2,993 local jobs.

One billion birds fly up and down the Pacific Coast Flyway each year.

The effects of loud noise and electromagnetic radiation on their ability to find resting places and to navigate has not been analyzed by the Navy or the Forest Service. In both wildlife and humans, effects from loud noise include hearing loss, increased stress hormones, cardiovascular disease, immune system compromise and psychosocial impacts.

It is too often said that the Navy will do what it wants, no matter what people say. We don’t believe this to be true. There is much we can do, and more we can do together. We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you and other members of your tribe to provide additional information and answers to your questions.

Sincerely,   Michael Monson

President, Citizens of Ebey’s Reserve

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