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  1. Hi Una, it’s ben a long time since I last visited your website. Has anything happened about the Legacy Meter Charge. I’ve been paying $64.80 each month for the last few years ? Basically I’m interested to know if B.C. Hydro is willing to refund the entire amount of the Legacy Meter Charge ?
    Mike Callaway

    1. Hi, Michael. You are on the Coalition’s site. Una’s site is http://www.citizensforsafetechnology.org.
      There is no change about the legacy fee which is $32.40 per month, not $64.80 (the per bill amount).
      Hydro has never been willing to refund any amount. We were asking for this via our class action lawsuit which has been denied certification.
      I believe that the fact that there is clear evidence that these are fire hazards demands a call for a recall. These are defective and ITRON knew it before they were sold to Hydro. Why is this government, the NDP, Hydro and the BC Utilities Commission allowing these to be on our homes, putting our lives and property at risk?
      Demand a recall and a full refund of all costs.

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