Electro – Hypersensitivity

I was reviewing one of the Facebook groups that I belong to and I found this amazing site with a treasure trove of information on EHS = Electro Hypersensitivity.

The information is laid out in a graphic/pictorial fashion and not in the typical text/essay fashion.  You can spend an hour on the main graphic and get a feeling for the whole subject and then when you are ready, you can click on a link to dig deeper into the current knowledge of EHS.   This will keep you busy for hours and hopefully will help you deal with EHS and become politically active to remove the RFR that causes EHS.

In my opinions, people with EHS are like the canaries in the coal mines a century ago.  We all suffer from RFR but those people with EHS suffer first.

Click here http://oscillatorium.com/id74.html


One thought on “Electro – Hypersensitivity”

  1. I have been trying so hard to get a radio off meter but BC hydro refuses to help me even with my EHS diagnosis. I also have a terrible buzzing sound in my head…a audible humming sound in my home that only stops when there is a power outage. They refuse to even try to see if this will go away by changing the smart meter to a radio off meter. I usually hear this sound more at night. The smart meter advocacy representative assured me that the smart meters do not talk to each other but to a data collector on the transformers. He also told me that they only send a signal 3 times a day for only a few seconds or minutes I forget which now. Who knows what I am hearing but my sleep is disturbed and I feel even more exhausted then ever. I know it is power related because this sound totally disappears when the power is out from a accident or wind storm. Ear plugs do not block this sound.
    There is no hope of help from BC Hydro. I have asked and asked and still nothing. This is a unnecessary stress-or and I can not believe that even with a diagnosis of EHS that they will not help us. They are uniformed and totally unhelpful. I wish I could afford to go of grid.

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