Brian Stein: Electromagnetic Sensitivity – Full Lecture

EHS = Electro HyperSensitivity

Brian Stein in the UK is very EHS and has made an excellent presentation on how he got to be EHS and his understanding of why the UK government is allowing the telecommunication companies to continue to subject the population to very high levels of RF Radiation / Microwave Radiation.  The answer is MONEY.  The government cannot afford to jeopardize this cash cow.

The situation in Canada and the US is exactly the same as that in the UK.  MONEY trumps HEALTH and ETHICS.

Please view this presentation.  This is one of the best presentations on EHS I have seen.

2 thoughts on “Brian Stein: Electromagnetic Sensitivity – Full Lecture”

  1. Thank You Brian for coming forward with VITAL information, The public needs to know what is making them Sick.

  2. It appears to me that, Brian is correct in his assertions and presents varying valid arguments and information to support his claims. Unfortunately, like many other independent campaigners for truth, he will continually be labelled with other activists that attempt to highlight similar, but different causes as being a conspiracy theorist. I wish him well and hope he can support the others like they support him.

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