BC’s Energy Minister admits Smart Meter FIRES … but will do nothing


Energy Minister Bill Bennett admits to smart meter fires in British Columbia, but rather than do anything, he expresses disappointment that Saskatchewan is taking action to protect its citizens.
On July 30 Saskatchewan Energy Minister Bill Boyd called a halt to the smart meter program, demanding removal of 105,000 meters after 8 “failures”, that include fires and exploding meters.
“I think the concerns about safety are paramount here, the concerns are significant enough, anytime families are at risk in Saskatchewan, actions have to be taken and that’s why we’ve directed SaskPower accordingly,” said Minister Boyd.
In British Columbia, where we’ve had more “failures”, which have also included fires and exploding meters, Bill Bennett and BC Hydro consistently have refused to acknowledge the danger and, instead, put the blame on homeowners’ meter bases and wiring.

It doesn’t matter why a home burns after a smart meter has been installed – whether it was because the inexperienced installer damaged the base or that the meter heated up due to design flaws.

The fact is that property and lives have been put at risk and our government is refusing to protect us.
Bennett is sorry that Saskatchewan is taking this action.

““It’s unfortunate that Saskatchewan is doing what it’s doing…”
Why? Because it shows that some provincial governments are more concerned about their citizens than others.
It puts BC to shame.

Finally Bennett is admitting there have been fires due to smart meters in BC. This is a first, but it’s way too late.
Fires have been occurring for the last 3 years, and Hydro and Liberals have denied it. The evidence has been hidden and people have been living with a fire hazard on their bedroom walls. He’s told Hydro to find out how many have occurred. That may be difficult because no agency is tracking them.
Why is Bennett asking for a count? Is it just because he feels he must do something? Saskatchewan doesn’t know why the meters have caused fires – they are taking action because fires have occurred. We have had many fires and incidents in BC, and nothing has been done to protect us. Instead the program has been protected with lies and cover-ups.

Do we not deserve the same precautionary action as Saskatchewan?
The Coalition to Stop Smart Meters asks,

” Please tell us, Mr. Bennett, what is the right number, how many homes must burn before you will stop this dangerous program??”


Sharon Noble
Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

2 thoughts on “BC’s Energy Minister admits Smart Meter FIRES … but will do nothing”

  1. The response from B.C Energy minister Bill Bennett to the not so smart meter recall in Saskatchewan is “It’s unfortunate that Saskatchewan is doing what it’s doing”. Really Minister Bennett, what exactly is unfortunate about it? Is it unfortunate that they decided to err on the side of caution to protect it’s citizens from a defective product? Or is it unfortunate that they decided not to double down on stupid, ignore the facts, lie, misrepresent, and follow B.C and Ontario’s lead in drinking the smart grid industry fed “Cool Aid”. Or is the reason that it makes the B.C Liberal regime look bad by morally undermining their saintly program. Of course this may also undermine their case in court.

    A more thoughtful, a more normal response would have been “It’s unfortunate that Saskatchewan is having these problems with their smart meter program, but in the end its their call.” But no, he criticizes them for nibbing any future problems off in the bud by scrapping a program that there never was any economic justification to start in the first place. I really have to wonder if the cabinet of the Liberal party is staffed with sociopaths (psychopaths) given those sorts of remarks. That does fit in with that sort of behavior, they work out a plan, and they must act on it, no matter the changing circumstances or the consequences.

  2. has anybody else had the 35 dollar meter reading charge NOT applied on their second bill since hydro’s implementing of that extortion?

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