3 thoughts on “2014 JUNE 14 Rally Against the Smart Meter – BC”

  1. I am in a mobile home park and there are 30 meters at my back door (one,( mine) of which has not been changed to a SM).
    I have experienced “white noise”and difficulty sleeping ,had to get rid of my dogs (became aggressive) after 6 mos I was diagnosed with a breast lump. I am now being billed $30.40 extra on my bill, I called hydro ,said I would not pay this amount and they told me they would take me to court.As a senior on pension, I do not have the extra money to send them and I will not submit to a SM.
    Nevertheless, I suffer the consequences of the 29 meters that continue to bombard me with microwaves every minute of the day. Do these criminals think they can make me pay for my own execution??????????

  2. Gail Jones – At the present time BC Hydro and Fortis BC do not recognize EHS = sensitivity to RF radiation and low frequency magnetic fields as being a legitimate health condition. They base this on the Health Canada Safety Code 6 which to many people including medical doctors and professors is not valid.
    I expect that within 4 or 5 years from now there will be sufficient evidence to show that EHS is real and that Safety Code 6 is wrong by a 1000 times and that Smart Meters actually do cause health problems in most people. When this happens there will be a huge turmoil politically and financially.

    So until then you have a serious problem. There are several options:
    1 – You can move from your mobile home (or move your mobile home) to a location where the RF radiation levels are much, much lower. This, in my opinion, is the easiest and possibly the cheapest option.

    2 – you can investigate various type of RF Radiation shields and install one of them. This is not a simple thing to do and should be done by someone with experience and a good RF meter to measure the radiation before and after the installation. This can get expensive. I understand that you are on a limited pension and no spare money to do this.

    3 – You can start a writing campaign to convince someone in power that your health is being damaged by the 29 smart meters and that you may die because of them. You might get some action if your plight gets national attention maybe from an investigative TV program or the TV news.

    4 – You can become an activist and join and support the local anti Smart Meter group. Maybe these people will assist you in some way that I cannot. The more people that know about the problems then we shall soon reach the tipping point when most people know and then things will change for the better.

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