update 2014-10-05 In US 1 in 10 cell transmitters exceed allowable limits of

1) Despite claims that $meters will reduce rates, this hasn’t happened anywhere that I know of. One more example of large rate increases after the “$mart” grid, where increases being asked are almost 18%:


2) Wall Street Journal reports that in the US, 1 in 10 cell transmitters emit RF higher than allowed by the FCC (the same limits as allowed by Safety Code 6). No one is monitoring in USA or in Canada where the companies are allowed to monitor themselves. Now cell transmitters are being put on BC Hydro or telephone poles outside our homes!!

– http://online.wsj.com/articles/cellphone-boom-spurs-antenna-safety-worries-1412293055

3) In Germany, a new device that can be attached to an analog to record usage. Could transmit data via cables every 15 min. Would easily replace $meter, at less cost, and without radiation or fires


4) Letter re.  Florida fires, telling how the  utility lied about the fires and the cause. Don’t we deserve the truth in BC, too?


5) Mark your calendar if you live in or near Comox Valley, whether you have a smeter and don’t want it, have one and want to learn more about the problems, or are a “resister” with an analog.

“Take Back Your Power”  – A Free Film Screening in the Comox Valley

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

7 p.m. – 9 p.m.

Florence Filberg Centre

Rotary Hall

6) In the letter below to an MLA is a link to an excellent short YouTube that I hope you will share with your MLAs. And please, when you write to your MLA, always copy Adrian Dix (Dix.mla@leg.bc.ca) who is the opposition critic of BC Hydro and John Horgan (John.Horgan.mla@leg.bc.ca), leader of the Opposition. They need to be pushed into talking to the media about our concerns, especially the fire issue and the discriminatory fees.



Sent: October 5, 2014
To: michelle.stilwell.mla@leg.bc.ca
Subject: BC Hydro bullying, Health lost and unable to work due to “smart” meter

Hi Michelle,

Further to our meeting of Sept.19, 2014, and in the interest of  continuing your education on the so called “smart” meter issue, the following brief video addresses 2 issues.

The first part is one small business owner’s recent experience of the bullying of BC Hydro… turning off the
power to his place of business without notice or giving him the opportunity to turn off sensitive equipment used for his business.

Considering Christy Clark does not endorse bullying… what do you call these activities???

#2  The second part of the brief video gives a very graphic explanation of the levels where health damage occurs…
and the levels that are “allowed” in Canada. These “permitted” levels are thousands of times exceeding any type of safe levels.

Although you were not involved in the planning and initial deployment of these dangerous devices, a few of the questions I ask are:

Why was “due diligence” not performed… or important information purposely ignored, and the “rollout” implemented in a dictatorial fashion?

The BC Municipalities conference of 2011 met at the Vancouver Conference Center.  One of the points on the agenda pertained to the then planned deployment of the “smart” meters.

Apparently BC Hydro was a “sponsor” of this event.

Anyone with information contrary to their spin points they were feeding the population of BC were not even allowed access into the Convention Building. These concerned citizens of BC were relegated to stand in the rain on the  sidewalk outside.  To the eternal credit of many of the BC municipal delegates, many ventured outside to learn more.

The night before the vote on whether to have a moratorium on the deployment of these devices, I happened to hear an interview with Rich Coleman.

He stated “We don’t care what they decide tomorrow, we’re going ahead with this anyway.”

Now there’s DEMOCKARY* in action!  (*not a mis-spelling)

The following day hundreds of BC municipal “politicians” voted for having a moratorium of at least 2 years so we could all learn more and make an intelligent decision.

Obviously that was not respected.

A very few people have foisted this upon a largely uneducated and ignorant population.



As you can see from the simple graphs presented in the video above, at a miniscule level harm to human health occurs from these devices.

And these “devices'” foisted upon the people of BC create levels that FAR, FAR exceed those levels by magnitudes of thousands of times.

As pointed out on Sept. 19, how is the health care system going to handle the avalanche of health problems?

Although this has been an expensive boondoggle, the costs will only be going exponentially higher from here on unless this is immediately reversed and analog meters re-deployed.

Given that many meters were improperly installed “at full load” and hence, the electrical wiring of many structures in this province are compromised, the electrical systems must ALSO be tested, and rectified when analogue meters are deployed.


Does it matter why the smart meter burns your home? Or just that it does?

“How many fires are enough, Mr. Bennett?”

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