Update 2014-08-03 Still nothing in media refuting Bennett and BC Hydro.

1) An excellent  summary of the fire issues  that pertain to areas other than Saskatchewan Fires have been reported in Ontario, California, Pennsylvania, Florida, Australia, Quebec, Sask., BC – Landis Gyr, Sensus, ITRON. There are several design flaws. If you haven’t read the report from the Ontario Fire Marshall in awhile, I suggest you do.   And please, share this information with your MLA as well as friends who have $meters.


Ontario Fire Marshall Report


Summary.  The second to last video is excellent  and very important in explaining a major problem with the process as BC Hydro has exchanged the meters.

More examples of fires in BC. Notice the quick denials of $$meter involvement.




2) I have seen no letters or articles with the info. we been providing. It is imperative that everyone write, call and email your local newspapers, plus copy The Province (proletters@theprovince.com) , Times Colonist (letters@timescolonist.com ) , CBC (phone Toll-free (Canada only): 1-866-306-4636 FREE ), CTV (news@ctv.ca). BC Hydro and the government are doing their best to defuse the problem, to make it seem insignificant. It isn’t. It is real and it’s major. Please copy your MLA with any email or letter you send off.

Lots of info. to share and read about here. Thanks to Janis for preparing this.


I know that many people have written to the Times Colonist in Victoria and not one has been printed. I am going to write the editor, Dave Obee, and perhaps phone about this. WE are being muzzled. At least 2 articles have been written with BC Hydro’s and Bennett’s version, e.g. that there have been no fires.  Editor-in-Chief Dave Obee. 250-380-5201 . dobee@timescolonist.com .  Please, if you know letters have been written in your newspaper, call/write and complain. Mr. Obee is out of the office, so please copy dsenick@timescolonist.com  ; bmackenzie@timescolonist.com

3) After getting the precise model of Sensus meter used in Saskatchewan, an Engineer who is a member looked at the specs (it is a more advanced model than ours, I guess)  and discovered that the  Sensus meter used in Sask. does NOT have a lithium battery. So even without this very dangerous part in the $$meter, it still explodes!

4) Robbery:  Attached is a document that ITRON provides as evidence that its $$meters provide value. Please note on the second page where it brags about how in tests, side by side, the $meter measures more electricity than an analog. Only a couple of kilowatt hours a month for each meter may not sound like much (and who would notice?)  but with thousands, or in the case of BC, millions of “end points”, that means millions of unearned dollars a year. Take our rate of $.1034/kWh times 2 times 1.8 million = $372,240/month = $4,466,880 a year. There are many who have seen bills increase by far more than $.20 a month.

5)Non-smeter. Many experts have spent years making  a film about cell phones, the dangers they present, and the cover-up by the industry. The film is debuting in San Francisco in September, but pre-ordering is possible. You can see the clip and order, if you wish, at  http://www.mobilizemovie.com/ .  Many of the people involved in making this have been leaders in the effort to warn people about the dangers.

6) The “smart grid” companies are hiring PR and advertising people to persuade us of its benefits. One company used to work for Disney.  Fantasy.



FortisBC says the meters have been thoroughly tested and the Fire Chief’s Report (bought and paid for by BC Hydro, based on non-existent info) is proof of safety. Please comment:



Sent: August 3, 2014
To: provletters@theprovince.com
Subject: So-called smart meters “Safe”?? – Province 1 August 2014

The BC smart meter is NOT CSA certified, and it contains a Lithium-Ion battery which carries a warning label that states “explodes when overheated”. Hydro refuses to supply evidence of satisfactory meter testing and certification as to safety and being signed off by a Professional Engineer as is required by the BC Safety Act, .

The BC Government and Hydro are misleading the Public when they downplay the high risk of the BC smart meter. Fires and meter overheating incidents are not being reported in accordance with BC Law. The only people who might know the scale of the problem is the Coalition to Stop Smart Meters who have done their homework, unlike Government and Hydro who do not have accurate records of incidents involving these meters.

Minister Bennett and now Minister Coleman talk as uninformed Government representatives, resulting in examples of misleading and disingenuous political claptrap.

Many of the fires reported in the Press are not reported to Authorities and are not accurately investigated. Some homeowners are told to withhold forensic results by claims of “Privacy”, but how can you justify that when the Public Safety is at stake?

Many incidents (overheating, single-phasing) involving these meters are discovered by homeowners and some hire their own electricians to attempt solutions, not realizing the futility of this.

We need to demand a full and independent investigation of this questionable technology.

Let us use the Precautionary Principle and prove that it is safe.

To: premier@gov.sk.ca

Sent: Friday, August 01, 2014

Subject: Smart Meter Fires

Dear Premier Wall,

I live in Victoria, BC and have been concerned about Smart Meters for several years. I was heartened to read that you have stood up to SaskPower and have pulled the plug on the program due to public safety concerns. I only wish that our Premier, Christy Clark , and the minister responsible for the Smart Meter Program in BC, Bill Bennett, had the integrity and concern for the people of British Columbia as you have for the citizens of Saskatchewan. They are very lucky to have you as their Premier.

Best wishes,

Sharon Noble

Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters



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