Dear Coalition Member,

Attached is the “fixed” version of the Executive Summary (ES) that I sent last night as the update. All browsers are now able to access all the links.  Below is the sample letter I included in the update. Use it or write your own.

It is vital that all of you help to get this program stopped NOW, not next year, NOW. Here is proof that these things are fire hazards and we must demand that they be removed from all homes. Even if you don’t have one on your home, in all likelihood there is one near you. Fires spread.

Why has there been denial of that this risk exists? Profit, greed, corporate pressure, incompetence?

Once we give this evidence to our MLAs, they cannot say they didn’t know. They must be told that they have a duty to do all they can to get these things off homes immediately, or else they become as guilty as Bill Bennett and Hydro.

Please, print off a copy of the ES and write your covering letter. Please, take the time to hand deliver this to your MLA – hopefully handing it directly to him/her. Take a second copy of the ES and ask him (or the person taking delivery) to sign, as proof that they did receive it.

Share this information widely – we can’t allow the cover-up to continue.

MLA’s Name  etc. ____________  (available at )

Date:  ____________________

Dear Mr/Ms ________________________________

I am giving you this information about fires because I am concerned that I have/will be forced to have a smart meter, a fire hazard on my home.

As your constituent I implore you to do all you can to have this program stopped, and to have all smart meters removed,  as they have done in Saskatchewan and Portland, Oregon. We deserve to be treated with the same level of concern as the people in other places, Our lives, the lives of our families, and our homes are at risk.

MLA’s name  ,  it is your duty to protect us, and I am asking you to protect me and my family.

Begin by reading this Executive Summary and the report at


Sharon Noble

Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters



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