Christy Clark stifling opposition, debate, democracy

1) Christy Clark is trying to shut down groups like ours that are criticizing the government. This “white paper” makes a mockery of what little is left of our democracy in BC. If this is allowed to go forward, free speech and open debate will be a thing of the past.

I just found out about it today, and comments were supposedly accepted until today – but I hope you will submit your comments, and include MLAs. This is so dangerous.

2) Not smeters, but  what would we have to do to get a protest rally like this one in Dublin, Ireland about water charges?  Why are Canadians so apathetic? We should have huge protest rallies against this white paper and the many programs that are being implemented without our knowledge or consent – and from which only corporations will benefit.

3) Cybersecurity is a major concern with any wireless device. This pertains to a simple app for an i-phone.

4) We’ve learned the hard way that  Perry Kendall  is not qualified to make decisions with regard to wireless devices in homes and schools – he is only a public health doctor. Nothing more. But apparently he isn’t even a very good or ethical public health doctor. In this article questioning readiness for ebola patients, one comment (made at about 10 am today) said:

Old and curious

I worked as a Nurse with Dr. Kendall many years ago and know that at that time he was manipulating statistics. The nurses are justified in their concerns. Why is it that nurses who take the risks in front line care are never included in the planning and purchasing decisions for these events?

5) There is an opportunity for you to have a free ticket to listen to one of the interviews done for the EMF Summit.


Sent: October 15, 2014
Subject: White Paper on the Societies Act

This is reprehensible in a democratic society!!!

Whether we agree or disagree we are all entitled to contribute vigorously to public debate without fear of reprisals in the form of litigation by corporations. Will the bullying by this present government ever end?

From: Sharon Noble
Sent: October 15, 2014
To: John Horgan. Leader NDP; ‘’; ‘Andrew Weaver.MLA’;; ‘’; Alex – Riding 1 Atamanenko
Subject: White Paper on The Societies Act

This white paper is frightening.  and

This is the next logical step in the way the govt. is trying to do business. First, govern by directive so that no opposition can be voiced by the other party. Second, shut down any public opposition by groups exercising their civil rights.

This is not a govt that can withstand scrutiny, and it wants to make sure it has to answer to no one!

Is the opposition going to speak out about this? This should be debated hot and heavy, with significant public input – not hidden as it has been.


Sharon Noble

From: Sharon Noble
Sent: October 15, 2014
To: ‘’
Subject: White Paper on The Societies Act

One of our most important civil liberties is the right to discuss and debate issues of concern within our communities. Silencing those with whom the government disagrees, or allowing others to silence this debate for purposes of their own, is tantamount to limiting our free speech.

What is this government so afraid of? In a healthy democracy, debate should be encouraged. Stifling discourse will lead to tyranny, which seems to be the way this government wants to rule. Ruling by fear and through threats does not belong in BC or Canada.

I find this proposal appalling.

Sharon Noble


Sharon Noble

Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters



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