2017-04-06 In 2015, 82% of Canadians had mobile devices!!

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1)    Those of us without mobile devices are in a small minority of Canadians – without cell phones and not being irradiated by them.

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Wireless service providers must join the National Public Alerting System – CRTC News Release – April 06, 2017:


….In 2015, more than 82% of Canadians owned a mobile device, representing nearly 30 million wireless subscribers….

2)    In the April 4 update [https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/z/2017-04-04-more-than-80-cities-in-ohio-suing-re-small-cells/], I had an article about EHS in Germany and said I had asked a member to translate it. The translation is below, in Letters.  The part about Lerchl is confusing. He has been denying that RF has any serious biological effects for many years, having been an supporter of industry. But last year, he decided to re-run a test that another scientist had done that showed that exposure to RF results in faster growth of cancerous tumors. He expected to debunk it but, instead, confirmed it. He wrote a serious report saying he was changing his position on RF. Now it appears he hasn’t changed his position re. EHS.  One step at a time….  Many thanks to Marcus for the translation.


From: X
Sent: April 4, 2017
To: des.hartford@bchydro.bc.ca; MEM MEM Minister:EX <mem.minister@gov.bc.ca>; ised.minister-ministre.isde@canada.ca; alan.johnston@ic.gc.ca; kelly.gillis@canada.ca; john.knubley@canada.ca; Janet Fraser Chief Regulatory Officer <bchydroregulatorygroup@bchydro.com>; Sharon Noble; patrick.wruck@bcuc.com

Subject: B.C. Hydro and B.C. Clean Energy Act, destablize the B.C. Power grid by Design.

In the last line of this article,  http://www.swpc.noaa.gov/impacts/electric-power-transmission

Quote, “This means that a system that is near peak levels of demand prior to the geomagnetic storm event may not be able to meet the total power demand when the geomagnetic storm occurs, leading to partial or system wide blackouts.

The B.C. Clean Energy Act, and smart meters, are designed to change customer behavior and maximize use of power grid systems, running existing systems at higher levels and peak values.

B.C. Hydro, having new data on power use, can operate its generations systems at more efficient, peak levels, approaching real demand by customers.

That is called increased energy use, efficiency, as stated by the Quote, that translates to B.C. Hydro running its systems at lower losses of energy, or NEAR PEAK LEVELS.

The risk is total system failure, and this is never regulated by BCUC.

Geomagnetic storms are real, and have a frequency of 1 in 200 years, can cause significant damages to power systems.

The B.C. Clean Energy Act and the reduced energy costs from energy management and higher efficiency sounds good on the books till you calculate the risks of system faults.


Original article: https://www.zdf.de/dokumentation/planet-e/planet-e-krankmacher-handy-100.html

This was a German TV – ZDF production.  ZDF is one of Germany’s two major public broadcast stations.

Even though public, I would consider it similar to CTV, with a large viewing audience.

Here it is in very broad strokes:

Physicist and Professor, Dr. Mario Babilon:
Started suffering from severe headaches at work.
Eventually, he made the connection that it happens after WiFi is activated.
At first, was in denial and could not believe it.
But it became more and more evident to him, that the cause was e-smog pollution from WiFi and cell phones.  Especially at work, after WiFi was installed.
He moved with his family into the country, where there is less e-smog pollution than in cities.
They built a house and had RF shielding integrated during construction.
He wears an RF shielding jacket, when he drives to the city where he works.

The white haired man in a blue shirt is Dr. Hardell:
The evidence is sufficient that it causes cancer.

Dr. Mario Babilon’s classroom:
WiFi shuts off when not needed.
He asked the class to turn off all wireless devices.

Dr. Lerchl:
It is psychosomatic – there is no problem or danger with wireless!
He feels that there is no conflict of interest, that most of his research is funded by the mobile industry.

Dr. Hardell at the Hospital University in Sweden:
Information/research is systematically blocked out!
Governments support profit, at the expense of health!

Dr. Lerchl:
His own recent research confirms, that tumors grow more rapidly from cell phone radiation.
Surprised!  He did not want to believe it at first!

American study over many years on mice (NTP):
Brain cancers and heart tumors in male mice.  Reduced fertility in female rats.

German Radiation Protection Agency:
Woman holds cell phone to liquid filled ball and proclaims, that EHS is psychological.

Hospital In Sweden:
EMF protected room for people with EHS.  Doctor says that people with EHS stay in their car, until they are called into the safe room.  Most people do not want to be viewed as weird and avoid going there.

Dr. Harald Banzhaf – Environmental Medicine:
Receives more and more patients, of which the majority did not make the EHS connection to wireless technology.
Patients experience: constant headaches, poor sleep, feel poorly, pain, etc.
Part of treatments is the removal of biotoxins, such as amalgams, industrial pollution, etc.

Young woman, patient with EHS:
Afraid of teasing by fellow students, does not want her identity known.
When on the bus, she can tell, when two people sit behind her, which person has an activated cell phone, as the pain moves to that side of her head.

Her dad speaks to reporter:
Did not believe her at first and conducted secret tests, activating the WiFi in the home without her knowledge, numerous times.  In every case, it never took very long and his daughter appeared, asking if the WiFi was activated.  These tests would be easily reproducible, he comments.

Dr. Waldmann-Selsam:
Creating esmog-free, white zone/retreat in Germany.
Increased demand!

German Protection Agency:
Advises caution!
Reduce biological stress from RF energy!
Advise to use phone in speaker mode!
Keep a minimum distance of a least 5mm away from body!

Medical science lagging behind.
Caution is advised.
Tumors can develop over many years.
Be aware of the potential dangers.

I hope this general information will be of some help!  This program was certainly no endorsement of wireless technology, and should have left a lot of people wondering about the health aspects.
As you can see, Dr. Lerchl, industry’s great supporter, changed his mind!

Will Health Canada say: “Oops, we were wrong!” only after they induced massive public carnage, due to their unbelievable arrogance?



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“When there is a doubt, when it comes to our children, there is no doubt.”     
~ Haifa’s mayor, Yona Yahav

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