2017-03-24 CBC Marketplace “The Secret Inside Your Phone”

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1)    Wendy Mesley was on CBC radio Friday morning discussing cell phones. If you missed it, you can hear it.

http://www.cbc.ca/radio/thecurrent/the-current-for-march-24-2017-1.4038259/cellphone-in-your-pocket-cbc-s-marketplace-investigates-why-you-might-reconsider-1.4038287  &


And Marketplace presented “The Secret Inside Your Phone”.  It is archived at http://www.cbc.ca/marketplace/ .


I think we should all write to Wendy Mesley and thank her for this program. It gave a lot of info (of course, we’d always like more) that many people have never heard before.  Her email address is:  marketplace@cbc.ca

One member suggested that we see if she would be interested in the smeter issue. Given that she just did the show on cell phone RF, I doubt she’d look at that issue so soon, but I bet she might be interested in the privacy issue, about which there is so much info and so many warnings.

2)    In the USA, the telecoms are trying to do away with landlines in favor of wireless. For many reasons, this is a dangerous direction: many people don’t use cell phones; during outages, cellular service is short-lived and undependable leaving homes and people vulnerable when they need emergency services; etc.   We must stay on top of similar efforts in Canada/BC to stop this before it starts.

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“Verizon workers can now be fired if they fix copper phone lines

Techs must try to replace broken copper lines with wireless, Verizon memo says


3)    Some time ago, India reduced its guideline for RF exposure in the cell transmitter frequency range to 10 microwatts per cm squared (Canada’s recently reduced level is approximately 500 microwatts per cm squared)  and it is still concerned about the RF levels.

“A mobile tower radiation harmful: Government report

In response to a writ petition, the court asked the chairman of Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission (BAEC) to examine the radiation after visiting some towers of different mobile phones and to submit a report to it in four weeks.

Besides, it ordered the health secretary to form a-seven member expert committee in a week to assess the impacts of radiation on human body and environment and to submit a report before it.”


4)    Katie Singer re. “Inviting Discussion About Safer Tech Use in Schools


Parents in Finland, concerned about Wi-Fi in their school, installed switches to turn the Wi-Fi signal off when the internet is not needed to download material.


5)    A YouTube by Jerry Day about Onzo, the data analytic company about which I provided info in the March 21 update [https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/z/2017-03-21-industry-ad-exposes-smeter-data-use/].  This is an excellent video, but remember he is in the USA where many of the states offer full opt-out options. We don’t. BC Hydro and FortisBC, thanks to the Liberal’s Clean Energy Act, tell us – take the smeter or lose your electricity.

“The Role Of Utility Meters In Mass Surveillance”

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2zIDW7H6XqA  10:29 minutes


Comments re. V2V communications, proposed US requirement that every car have a transmitter/receiver

Comment Now! until April 12, 2017:

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Marcus Comments:

Mandating V2V communications technology for vehicles, is utterly irresponsible, and shows an alarming lack of scientific and medical knowledge of the negative biological consequences, that are induced by their unnatural pulsed microwave radiation!

Radiofrequency microwave radiation was designated as a 2B CARCINOGEN in 2011, by the World Health Organization – no matter the source!
Since 2011, international EMF researchers and physicians, are calling for an urgent revision to a 1A (KNOWN CARCINOGEN)!

EMFscientist.org [https://emfscientist.org/]

The American Academy of Environmental Medicine, as well as the American Academy of Pediatrics issued numerous health warnings regarding wireless technology. They emphasize strongly, that children are at greatest risk!

My wife, who used to work in the engineering department of large telecom company, became electro-hypersensitive (EHS) 8 years ago. She can no longer travel by train, bus or plane, due to the constant presence of WIFI, and other telecommunication technologies that have infested every corner of our society.

Because of this man-made sensitivity, we had to move to a remote rural region of the country, where the only means of transport is our older model vehicle, which is void of any wireless technology.
My wife has become so sensitive, that she feels the anti-collision and GPS technology of cars travelling near us!

We have learned of many people world wide, who have become sensitive to wireless technology, just like her.
They come from all walks of life: doctors, teachers, engineers, students, writers, academics, etc. etc., no matter their age.
European medical associations estimate, that approx. 3-5% of the population have become highly electronically sensitive, while 35% of the population suffer some form of biological effects from wireless radiation exposure, but they have not made the connection, as most doctors, especially in North America, are not trained to diagnose EHS. This number is expected to skyrocket to 50% in industrialized nations, in the next few years.

The International Doctors Appeal of 2012:  [http://freiburger-appell-2012.info/media/International_Doctors_Appeal_2012_Nov.pdf]

Human, animal, and plant life is controlled by naturally occurring electromagnetic fields and signals. With their extremely low to very high frequencies, technical electromagnetic fields can interfere strongly with cell communication and metabolism. Prolonged electromagnetic stress, however, may lead to a chronic impairment of this important homeostatic response and result in disease.

depression – burnout syndrome – insomnia – anxiety – panic disorders – stroke in younger people – degenerative neurological disorders – headaches – tinnitus – autism – learning disorders – concentration problems – behavioral disorders – pain syndromes – susceptibility to infections – high blood pressure – cardiac arrhythmias – metabolic disorders, and multi-system disorders.

The scientific evidence of numerous adverse biological effects was recently reaffirmed in the US National Toxicology study.
The evidence of biological degradation was so significant, that some of the research results were pre-released!
See: ehtrust.org  [https://ehtrust.org/]

Drivers with any of these health issues, such as: depression, burnout syndrome, insomnia, anxiety, panic disorders, concentration problems, behavioral disorders and cardiac disorders, are a disaster to public safety!
Anyone involved with highway safety must clearly recognize that biologically impaired drivers behind the wheel of a moving vehicle are a sure recipe for disaster!

The forced installation of V2V, and other communication technology in private vehicles, is a violation of civil liberties, which must be upheld.

Please take the time and inform yourself, and you will be stunned to learn that the telecom industry, in collusion with governments, are failing miserably in their duties to protect.

M. Schluschen (name given with permission)


Una St. Clair’s comments:

Agency: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)
Document Type: Rulemaking
Title: Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards: V2V Communications
Document ID: NHTSA-2016-0126-0009

I am medically diagnosed by a registered medical doctor with the condition of Electrohypersensitivity. I have been so challenged since 2007. I regularly travel into WA & OR. I drive an older car with no wireless tech. It is absolutely impossible for me to travel in any vehicle which has bluetooth or wi-fi or other constant EMR emissions. Within 5 minutes, I become ill and within 15 minutes I will be incapacitated due to vision disturbances, heart arrhythmia and tachycardia, severe migraine and vomiting, and vertigo. These symptoms stop quickly once I am outside of the car and ONLY occur when in the car or close to wireless base stations or cell antennae. I never have these negative health impacts in vehicles without EMR emissions.

It is a blessing that I can still drive safely, since flying and taking ferries or ship travel is now not possible for me due to wi-fi installation on flights and ships. I am only left with safe travel in vehicles.

I know of many others who have these same negative health symptoms in vehicles, and as yet, without support of an educated medical society and government agencies who would act to safeguard the public against the deceit and greed of the telecom industry, they are left without professional advice and support to remove the wireless emitters within the vehicles which are causing them to suffer, and impair their driving ability.

Based on my own experiences of ill health in wireless equipped vehicles, which is not at all an isolated incident, I am totally confident in stating that the rates of accidents and distracted driving due to ill health will escalate if all cars are forced to have more radar/microwave radiation emissions. This will affect the driver and passengers of the vehicles so equipped and also will cause immediate effects in those sensitive who may be driving an older or modified model so it is safe for their health, but they are then “sprayed” by the radar systems in cars around them.

This exposure is a Class 2B WHO possible cause of cancer, as I am sure you are aware. A government agency which condones this exposure within a high risk environment, such as cars, trains, planes, is acting in a criminal manner by not protecting the public, but actually promoting the public’s exposure to a known health risk. Scholarly scientific articles are calling for EMR exposure to be reclassified as a Class 1, known to cause cancer. At the very least, the public MUST be given a choice of vehicles free from microwave radiation “radar” systems, and a health risk warning MUST be part of the sale of any and all vehicles which are equipped with everything from blue tooth to V2V technology. To do anything less would be to invite criminal charges against every agency and corporation involved with this technology rollout, knowing that a health risk exists. Further, there must be a stronger warning for those who are pregnant, children, babies, people with medically implanted heart devices, or other implants such as deep brain, all of which can be disrupted by wireless technology, even more so within the close confines of a vehicle.

Your agency is absolutely going in the wrong direction to approve or allow any kind of wireless technology in cars without health risk warnings and without allowing for the option to have these wireless technology systems be a choice for the car owner. To give your agency’s approval and support is putting at risk the people driving the vehicle, the people who are unwitting passengers, and the other drivers on the road. Your aim is to reduce risks on the road, and if that were truly so, then all wireless connectivity technology would be recognized as ill placed within a moving vehicle, and the removal of wi-fi and bluetooth in vehicles would reduce distracted driving and health impaired drivers who have no idea why they feel so ill and unable to concentrate. Any cell phone use in a moving vehicle must be disallowed, hands free or otherwise. People must learn to pull over and speak on their cell phone – concentrating on sitting still and speaking, not creating a dangerous situation where distraction of the call creates seconds with inattention and possibly fatalities. Adding more wireless by the way of radar systems will only compound the problem that is already in full blown development, as well as restrict more and more people from driving at all. Humans have perfectly good brains to drive without radar systems. We are not flying fighter jets. It is the wireless technology itself which can interfere with brain function, heart function, the nervous system, the digestive system, and breaches the blood brain barrier causing changes to thinking and an increase in severe migraines.

V2V should be kept for fighter jets, ships and other similar crafts. It is definitely only a cash cow for the telecom industry, with the collusion of government, if this unnecessary tech is forced into vehicles at the greatest cost of health and safety.


Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“An activist is someone who cannot help but fight for something. That person is not usually motivated by a need for power, or money, or fame, but in fact driven slightly mad by some injustice, some cruelty, some unfairness – So much so that he or she is compelled by some moral engine to act to make it better.”
~ Eve Ensler

Smart Meters, Cell Towers, Smart Phones, 5G and all things that radiate RF Radiation