2017-03-21 Industry ad exposes smeter data use.

[BCCLA – BC Hydro – COMMA Municipalities Lawsuit re Microcells / Small Cells Siting & Public Right of Ways – Lawyer Atty Christopher Turner Comments re Onzo Data Collection & Analysis – Privacy Commissioner – Wireless Facilities Law SB 331 | BC – Ohio, USA] & (videos)

1)    Press release about the Ohio lawsuit re. micro/small cells.

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“Ohio Cities to Challenge Wireless Facilities Law”


2)    An industry ad that admits/brags about the personal data that is gathered via smeters.  This is what many have been warning about but which the industry denies when confronted. The BCCLA has said it cannot ensure our privacy until we have proof that our data has been used, and who obtained it. I have written many times to the Privacy Commissioner and, for some reason, this department believes that BC Hydro is honest and ethical and would never use our data improperly!!


The Role Of Utility Meters In Mass Surveillance by minivanjack – YouTube – Mar.23, 2017:


Onzo operates internationally and here is what it does. I’m sure this isn’t the only company that does this data analysis, but this is what utilities will do with the data they gather. Data is very valuable.

ONZO provides a SaaS medium through which utilities can engage their customers, with capability to select and target message content to individuals, while providing useful information to the home owner about their energy use. Customers receive information that educates and informs them about their existing use and notifies them of changes to provide: Control, Comfort & Convenience.

Through analysis of the energy used within the home, ONZO products identify the patterns, trends and appliance usage that describes the behaviours and lifestyle of the residents, which can be used to inform the selection of marketing and other relevant content.


3)    A response from a lawyer re. Onzo and the use of personal data.

“Smart meter data needs privacy protection”



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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