2017-01-26 Chilliwack faced with 8 new cell towers

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1)   Re Hydro’s proposal to build substations below schools and parks, Dr. Sam Milham, who is an expert in the field of electromagnetic fields, said that anything above 4 mG is carcinogenic, and CEO McDonald says the level at ground at the current substation is 100 mG, saying it as if that is just fine. Dr. Milham also said there is no way to shield the area to make it “safe”. Also, it’s not just the substation but also the powerlines coming and going out of the building. These are not safe to have  anywhere near schools or places where children (or anyone else) spends time.



A letter below from Jerry Flynn should be forwarded to Vancouver’s Mayor and Council by everyone who gets this update. I have provided the emails below. Please use them.

mayorandcouncil@vancouver.ca; gregor.robertson@vancouver.ca; CLRjang@vancouver.ca; CLRaffleck@vancouver.ca; CLRdeal@vancouver.ca; CLRball@vancouver.ca; CLRcarr@vancouver.ca; CLRdegenova@vancouver.ca; CLRlouie@vancouver.ca; CLRmeggs@vancouver.ca; CLRreimer@vancouver.ca; CLRstevenson@vancouver.ca

2)   Something is going on and I would encourage people to stay alert if they have a smeter with the transmitter turned off. This from a member:

“Before we left in December, Hydro replaced our meter with a radio-off meter.

Just after I returned home on January 13, somebody from Hydro showed up wanting to exchange the meter saying that there were some issues with the other one.  I had to send him away also because the meter was locked and I forgot where the key was…..

Days later I phoned Hydro, talked to the usual Jessica who explained that the issue was with the software which was outdated and that they have no way of telling before they install the meter……

I asked why does it need a software if it has to be read manually and she said it still needs the software to operate its parts and functioning……

Do you know anything about this?  So now they are going to come back next week to replace it.

I have not tested the meter properly, I am planning to do it with an electrician after the new meter is installed”

BC Hydro is supposed to check each smeter when it is installed. The explanation that there is no way to tell if the meter is working until they install it makes no sense. When it is installed, the installer watches for the numbers to flash on indicating it is working. This member lives in a neighbourhood where smeters are being read manually. Are they being “upgraded”, too?  I would encourage everyone to periodically check your smeter with an RF meter, if possible, and if not, use the AM radio method (http://www.electricsense.com/2901/how-to-detect-rf-radiation-using-your-am-radio/).

BC Hydro has not been honest with us from day one and there is no reason not to wonder if this isn’t a ploy to get a fully functional smeter on homes. Have any of you had BC Hydro or FortisBC come to “upgrade” your meters?

A concern with all of these exchanges is that the meter bases could get damaged and the lugs could become bent out, even by the best of installers. If the space increases, a gap will form, causing arcing and fires. Exchanges should be kept to a minimum. At each exchange, ask the installer to carefully check to make sure the lugs are tight and that there is no gap. If there is, BC Hydro should replace the meter base since they are causing this problem.

3)   Chilliwack Council is being asked to allow a slew of new cell transmitters. People need to organize to educate the Council and the public.   Please get some comments out there and to the Council although it might be too late.  It seems no one knew. Where were all the public notifications?

The company says 190 notifications were sent out and open houses were held in October and November.

“Throughout the eight public open houses, five members of the public attended and three provided comments of support. No other comments were received from the public.”


4)   There is continual pressure to maintain the status quo re. RF and, once again, Olle Johansson is facing forced retirement.

“The Karolinska Institute namely wants Dr. Johansson to retire in advance of his desire to do so, due to a) a lack of funding, and b) lack of need for his services, i.e. the need for research concerning health effects of electromagnetic fields and the functional impairment of electrohypersensitivity, which does not exist any longer at the Institute.”


Dr. Johansson is in the process of sharing his library of papers and studies and we will have them on our website.  Here are the first few.





5)   Internet/smartphone addiction:

“Most people now check their smartphones 150 times per day, or every six minutes,” Colier wrote. “And young adults are now sending an average of 110 texts per day.” Furthermore, she added, “46 percent of smartphone users now say that their devices are something they ‘couldn’t live without.’ ”

In “The World Unplugged Project,” investigators at the University of Maryland reported that “a clear majority” of students in the 10 countries studied experienced distress when they tried to go without their devices for 24 hours. One in three people admitted they’d rather give up sex than their smartphones.”



From: Jerry Flynn
Sent: January 26, 2017
To: jane.armstrong@cbc.ca; hello@muckrack.com

Subject: BC Hydro – planning electrical substations under Vancouver schools and park

In announcing that BC Hydro plans to build massive electrical substations beneath a school and a public park in the City of Vancouver (CBC News article, dated January 20, 2017, by Jane Armstrong), demonstrates clearly the ongoing shocking ignorance and/or arrogance of electric utilities to the known dangers of electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) to humans and all living things! The article volunteered that there are already 37 electrical substations in Metro Vancouver, half of them within 100 metres to 200 metres of a park or school! The article said that more than half of B.C. Hydro’s 300 substations are within 100 and 200 metres of public spaces like schools, parks or shopping areas!

With respect to its proposed new substations, BC Hydro’s CEO, Jessica McDonald naively stated that: “The physical area on top of Cathedral Square park has an electric and magnetic field measurement of 30 milligauss! She went on to say that: “According to the World Health Organization and Health Canada, the safety threshold is 2,000 milligauss.” She should have added that this 2,000 mG is the same level recommended to all countries of the world by ICNIRP (International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection), whose Chairman-Emeritus is the now infamous Dr. Michael Repacholi (more later).


It is inexcusable that Ms. McDonald does not know that: “Once the health risks were identified in the 1940s and 1950s from radar, it became increasingly expensive to provide sufficient buffer zones around airports and power lines. Only Russia, China and other countries following the implications of their medical research adopted biological limits.” (Once again, it’s all about money.)

http://wiredchild.org/component/content/article/46-hidden/99-icnirp.html  (A Must read!)

Ms. McDonald needs to know that in 1977, what was then Health and Welfare Canada’s Dr. Michael Repacholi, assisted by Dr. Maria Stuchly, established what is now Health Canada’s Safety Code 6. Two years later, in 1979, Drs. Repacholi and Stuchly presented to the IEEE Canada’s proposal to lower the ‘safe’ RF exposure limits for the general public to non-thermal EMF because of the ill effects American embassy staff experienced in Moscow (1953-1976)

https://apps.fcc.gov/edocs_public/attachmatch/FCC-79-364A1.pdf  Obviously, they Canada changed its mind.

Ms. McDonald needs to know that, in 1992, this same Dr. Michael Repacholi, assisted by Dr. Anders Ahlbom (who was subsequently was found to be in conflict-of-interest and had to resign as Chairman of IARC’s Expert Panel on RF EMF), established ICNIRPs safety Guidelines. In 1996, the same Dr. Michael Repacholi headed up the 10-year, $250-million study for the WHO to establish ‘safe’ RF Guidelines for the world. Surprisingly, all of the above were compatible with those of the IEEE/ICES, which are promulgated to the world via FCC (Federal Communications Commission) on behalf of the USA and its military.


BC Hydro’s CEO clearly does not know that both BioInitiative Reports (2007 and 2012), the ICEMS (International Commission on Electro-Magnetic Safety) scientists, and the Russian NCNIRP scientists all agree with the BioInitiative scientists, who say that SAFE levels of magnetic fields in homes should not exceed even 0.1 mG!  Nor does Ms. McDonald appear to know that in various countries magnetic fields in a home of just 2-3 mG have been strongly linked to childhood leukemia since 1979! Alzheimer’s Disease and Autism are two other epidemics closely linked to magnetic fields from 60 Hz electricity.

Surely, for once, Vancouver’s Mayor and Council need to wake up and realize that utilities such as BC Hydro are strictly profit-driven and will do whatever they can to make a profit. Secondly, Health Canada, as it demonstrated with Tobacco, Asbestos, Thalidomide etc., has shown again that it cares little for the health, safety and well-being for Canadians. For that reason, municipal governments have a special responsibility to ensure that their citizens are protected.

Lastly, the City of Vancouver’s engineering staff should also conduct its own accurate measurements – at least quarterly, if not monthly – of  the ambient level of magnetic fields (in milliGauss) over the entire surface areas and adjacent to each and every substation within its jurisdiction. Only then can it know that the public are safe from ELF EMFs. BC’s PHO has absolutely no qualifications or expertise in EMFs and can only echo whatever Health Canada says.

James G. Flynn, Captain (Retired)


Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Whenever you find you are on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.”


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