2017-01-17 Brain tumours increasing in 15-39 age group in USA (& probably Canada)

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1)    I recommended this website by Amy Worthington last night, but I had not read the entire article “Antenna Sickness is Everywhere Now”.  If you read nothing else today, I strongly suggest you read this. A lot of info I’ve never read before.

“The following two charts illustrate the typical wave forms of wireless signals which blast through our bodies like gamma waves. The wave form shown in the top chart is indicative of the older 2G technology of GSM/TDMA. The second chart below shows the wave form of the more complex 3G signal of UMTS propagated with CDMA modulation. A 2016 paper signed by six radiation experts, states that the risk to humans for glioma brain cancer is OVER THREE TIMES HIGHER from exposure to the more complex 3G UMTS signals shown in chart two, than from the less complex 2G signals shown in chart one. They also state that the 3G signals may be more effective at preventing the repair of broken DNA. [8]  This matters because broken and unrepaired DNA is the bedrock of human cancers…  (see chart)

2G & 3G

Now take a look below at the ultra-complex wave form of the newer 4G/LTE radiation, propagated from in-hand smart devices and from the newest neighborhood antennas.  It is obvious that 4G/LTE wave patterns, delivered in multiple data streams (MIMO), are immeasurably more data-dense and complex in pulse structure than 2G and 3G. Scientists have had neither time nor money to investigate how the 4G/LTE signals may increase human cancer risks.  So we are left to use our common sense.”  (see chart)

4G : LTE


2)    With the proliferation of 4G and the advent of 5G, both of which have very complex wave patterns, experts are warning that EHS will become more common. The microcells that Telus and Shaw are putting right outside our homes use this technology and people will be exposed 24/7.  One woman in the UK provides an example of what we will be facing more and more.


3)    Driver locked out of car operated by cellphone, in the middle of desert, where there was no cell signal. Another “need” to have cell transmitters everywhere.

Driver Locked Out


4)    A renewal of cell tower contract in Wisconsin was stymied because county wanted protection by cell company for any future lawsuits.  Cell phone company looking for new site instead.


5)    A report by the American Brain Tumor Association about tumours in age group 15-39.  What jumped out to me was that these tumors are biologically different from tumours found in other age groups, and the survival rate is worse.

“Primary brain and CNS tumors are the most commonly occurring type of cancer in those age 15-19 years (6.19 per 100,000 population).…

Brain and CNS tumors are the second most commonly occurring cancer in those age 20-24 years (7.12 per 100,000.…

Brain and CNS tumors are the third most commonly occurring cancer in those age 25-29 years (9.93 per 100,000 population).…

Brain and CNS tumors are the fourth most commonly occurring cancer in those age 30-34 years (12.65 per 100,000 population.…”


Canada does not have a Brain Tumour Registry. Establishment of a registry was one of the recommendations made to Health Canada by the HESA committee in 2010, and still there isn’t one. If they don’t look they can’t find, and it appears Health Canada does not want to find. (and neither does the Cancer Society).

Brain tumours are now the leading cancer in American adolescents, and incidence is rising in young adults according to the largest, most comprehensive analysis  of these age groups to date.

Brain Tumours

Canada is undoubtedly similar. “The astounding increases reported in this study, especially in young people, mirror what I am seeing in my clinic,” responded Dr. Jacob Easaw, from the Tom Baker Cancer Centre in Calgary. “Canada is in the process of establishing a comparable brain tumour registry, so these analyses will not be available here for 15 or 20 years. I am increasingly convinced that mobile phones are a major cause, and urgent action is needed.




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