2017-01-04 Another failed smeter.

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1)   A member sent in the following info. asking how this land was going to be used. She felt uncomfortable approaching the city herself. I cannot find the article. Does anyone have any information about this? My guess it is for fiber optic cable and microcells. Is the land being “sold” for $10, giving the land away permanently and allowing public land to be used for purely commercial purposes for only $10?? Usually the right of way is used for public utilities and essential services.

“recently in the Richmond News..I saw a “notice of intent to dispose of land” statutory right of way

district plan epp33799 to telus and shaw for $10 for purpose of utilities and related services”

2)   Many people received the same canned response from Health Canada today. It’s as if a secretary gathered all the letters and was told to send out this form letter regardless of the questions asked or the issues raised. The letter is one that has been sent before and I have gone through the many inaccuracies and misrepresentations. It is insulting and frustrating to spend time writing a thoughtful, well-researched letter and in response to get something like this. This shows how out of touch and disrespectful HC is.

I’ve been told by someone who should know, who is in the scientific community, that the Health Minister, Jane Philpott is someone who will care, but that she is overwhelmed with the illegal drug death epidemic right now. Until she is able to deal with our concerns, I think we should send our letters instead to the members of the HESA committee. If you are as frustrated as many, I would suggest you send your original letter and this response to the HESA members, whose emails are on our website www.stopsmartmetersbc.com under “CONTACT”.

[Other Canada Government Contacts: https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/z/canada-contact-e-mail-lists/]


3)   Another failed smeter which, fortunately, did not end up burning the house down. We will never know what caused this. BC Hydro was supposed to have carefully inspected the meter base at the time of exchange to make sure it was in good condition. Assuming this occurred, it appears that the meter did not fit the base properly, leaving a gap that resulted in arcing. This incident was reported directly to me. How many others are happening, and worse, that we don’t know about?  I bet there are many.


“I have just experienced the pleasure of a smart meter fire. I opted out from the beginning of this fiasco and duly paid the $32.50 per month extortion fee for the last 4 years when I was informed last April that my analog meter had expired.

Well finally around the third of November 2016, the Smart Meter happy day arrived. I instructed Hydro to knock door on before installing so I could safely power down service. I observed actual Hydro Tech {not Corix} place meter into meter base smoothly and seemingly without issue.

Yesterday on January 3 2017, I awoke to find my 240 volt service dead 120 volt still on. After consulting with electrical contractor I phoned BC Hydro and they said they would get there as soon as possible. They finally arrived at 11 am this morning and low and behold my new Smart meter melted. The prongs on one of the lugs was open 3/8 of an inch and had been arcing since day one. I suppose I am lucky no actual fire occurred however meter base and panel need replacing at a cost of around $2000.

NOT A HAPPY CAMPER BC HYDRO! Well tonight BC Hydro customer service phones to ask how things went today. They had not been informed by the field tech of their melted meter. Oh my we are so sorry he says. He then advises me to put in claim for cost of new equipment and I may or may not be compensated. This was surprising as I was expecting the blame to be placed on my faulty meter base. This seems to me that they are finally admitting liability. Christ what Saga and I pray my power is restored soon as I have severe arthritis and this cold is a bitch!

PS I highly recommend people have their Stupid Meter removed and base inspected by electrician and bill Hydro forthwith as who knows lurking in there!”

4)    In the update of Jan. 2, I included an article about California planning on forming a Western electrical grid, joining with several states. I wondered if they were intending on including BC. A member sent me a map which indicates we are already part of a large Western grid.




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