2016-09-30 IBEW members to document all work near RF radiation

1)    Sent from a member in the USA:


One of the six resolutions passed September 23, 2016 at the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) 39th Convention in St. Louis, Missouri, was introduced by an IBEW member from Canada.

Resolution No. 49: Encourages members who work near or on any live radio frequency radiation emitter to document their exposure through their employer’s accident reports. Reports should be forwarded to the International Office’s Safety Department.

From: http://ibew.org/convention/Convention-Action

I wonder if this includes $$meters.

2)    Below in Letters is something someone in the USA has written about the effects of smeters on her son. Many people are suffering and it’s no wonder with the thousands of signals and high power density level of the microwave radiation.

3)    Dr. Olle Johansson responds to a woman who has shared her experience becoming and being electro-sensitive.

“The comments from Professor Olle Johansson are in response to Stephanie Dickerson’s post on 14th August 2016, entitled “A Story of Ehs, and Accepting Loss”.”





4)    Solar storms could cause the grid to go down in areas in the northern latitudes, like Canada, for many weeks or months. And with the grid interconnected, this can result in problems in other places as well.

“Solar winds can create electric fields beneath the crust of the Earth, which can then disrupt power grids that are connected to the Earth, lead researcher Jeffrey Love, a geophysicist with the U.S. Geological Survey said Wednesday on MPR News Morning Edition.

“A space storm is an effect that’s caused by the sun and its constant emission of solar wind,” Love said. “Occasionally that solar wind is very active and can interact with the Earth’s magnetic field, causing it to be disturbed.”

The storms can cause blackouts or damage equipment on electrical grid.”


5)    We have on occasion discussed the need to disable the Wi-Fi modems that companies provide. Several people have asked for information about how to disable the Wi-Fi, and to make sure it states disabled. One of our members generously has provided information about how to disable a modem, with specific info pertaining to the Telus modem. I can tell you that on my Shaw modem, there is a username which is custadmin, and below it is a 12 digit password but I haven’t tried to see if these would work on the sites provided in the information below, in Letters.  If anyone does, would you please share how it worked.  This information, and more, will be put on our website www.stopsmartmetersbc.com under “more”.   Many thanks to Dan for this.




This just came from one of my clients.  She’s referencing her son, Michael:

Please feel free to delete this without reading since I’ve forwarded a lot of information regarding smart meters in the past.  However, if you had any doubts about how it could and does affect your health, Michael related his own story to me today.

He had been experiencing several concerning health issues for a few years and he had ignored the smart meter info.  However, at a recent get together some time ago, Rog and I both told him to check his meter and go online to do the research.  He, indeed, had a smart meter so he called to have it removed.  As is the custom, he was given a hard time about it but he insisted.

Michael had done the research and said he had every one of the symptoms of radiation poisoning.  He was unable to sleep more than 1-2 hours at a time so had been getting about 4 hours sleep (interrupted) per night for a few years.  We had all thought it was residual trauma from the electrocution.  Then he developed a sore throat that never abated, his blood pressure had risen and he had no energy at home.  His boarder was also coughing up blood.

His smart meter was removed recently and he and a friend were working on his gazebo when the technician came.  Michael said this man reported this is his only job (full time) and the meters are being removed by the thousands.  He stated that they are literally killing people and Michael had every one of the symptoms of radiation poisoning.  

That night Michael went to bed at 7 and woke up at 9 the next morning!  He said he now has dreams and his sore throat is nearly gone; his blood pressure has dropped, too.  I’m confident he will see many more changes in his health as time goes on.



I think the “Website” you heard about isn’t a website per say but what’s called a “Web Based Administration Interface” or “Router’s Web Interface“. The two terms I just quoted appear in a couple of the articles I provided at the bottom of this email. This Interface is a sort of internal network available through our Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) to instantly access our modem’s control centre. As I mentioned in my Sept.16/16 email, the wireless function can be disabled by logging into your router/modem with your browser using the correct Username, Password, and modem IP Address. After reading more about this from various sources, it appears that the procedure is similar regardless of the modem brand or ISP one uses, although I didn’t look into the specifics of how wireless is disabled on a Shaw modem.

While the default Username, Password, and modem IP Address can usually be found stamped or stickered on the wireless modem/router itself, Telus and I’m sure other ISP’s, can give their customers this information or simply disable the wireless for them during a phone call, as Telus originally did for me a few years ago.

I’ve copied below, a list of links and extracted quotes from various websites (including Telus), on how to disable the wireless function on wireless modems or routers. There’s also some interesting info regarding the security issues of using wireless modems & networks as well as links to find passwords for various modems from other ISP’s in different areas. However, while they’re worth reading for better clarity and more details, to save you time and possible boredom, I’ll summarize the basic essentials for an Ethernet WIRED Telus internet customer. Of course, you may share this info and links with others on your Newsletter updates and elsewhere.
First things to note:

• The modem/router’s wireless feature is always turned ON by default and stays ON even while it’s connected to the computer with an Ethernet cable.

• When the wireless feature is turned ON, the modem/router should display an easily visible light indicating it’s “Enabled” which goes OFF when wireless is “Disabled”. Again, it can be turned off at any time by either the customer or Telus customer support (if requested). As a test on the Telus wireless modems I’ve used so far (Actiontec and the previous model by Xyzel), when I logged into the modem through my browser to turn wireless ON, an additional modem light went on immediately, indicating that wireless was enabled. After I turned wireless OFF again, the modem’s wireless indicator light went off.

How to disable the wireless function for Telus customers using Actiontec, Xyzel, and most other wireless modem/routers.

1) Use any web browser to login to the wireless modem/router and type the following internal network IP Address in the Address Bar:

2) After the modem’s “Home” screen is displayed, type in the following default Username and Password:

Username:   admin
Password:    telus

3) Select “Wireless Setup” and on the “Basic Settings” screen, complete the following fields:

Wireless Radio: Select Disable

4) Select Apply

5) Go back to “Home” screen and Log Out.
Other things to note:

• To prevent the wireless setting from unnecessarily being enabled by the ISP or others in the household, the default Username and Password should be changed by the main user when they’re logged into the wireless modem/router. On the Actiontec V1000H modem, go to “Advanced Setup”, click on “Proceed”, then under “Security” in the left column, click “Admin Password” and follow the instructions.

• Even when the modem’s wireless function is disabled, the computer’s own “Wi-Fi network” function may still be turned on and therefore transmitting & receiving wireless signals, so it should be disabled as well. I’ve not provided any specific information in the links below on how to do this as it depends on the computer’s age, model, and the various operating systems or version upgrades installed.




Sharon Noble
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