2016-08-29 CBC Radio Noon on Tuesday re. schools. Chance to talk about Wi-Fi.

1)    One major typo in last night’s update. #2  should read “Despite there being no tracking of fires”.  I missed this after several proof reads. Sorry….


2)    CBC radio program re. school. Good time to call in about Wi-Fi in schools.  This from a member.

If you are interested, tomorrow (Tuesday, August 30) CBC Radio Noon Show will be about the new BC school curriculum. Perhaps, this would be a good opportunity to address Wi-Fi in schools, or ask if Coding is now a part of the curriculum. I have heard that schools are introducing Coding, to have all students very computer savvy. Children are already hooked to their iPads, Wi-Fi on or off, and it will be second nature for them to live their lives with these devices.

3)    Kind of an oxymoron, but McDonald’s has sold millions of “fitness bands” to children and now the children are experiencing burns. This should be used as a learning moment – Wi-Fi is dangerous.



4)    Wi-Fi modems are becoming “$$marter”, able to identify you, even read your lips. Privacy seems to becoming a thing of the past. First they teach kids to share all of their personal info via social media so when it comes to sharing info later, as an adult, it is no big thing.

Many researchers presented their Wi-Fi sensing technology as a way to preserve privacy while still capturing important data. Instead of using cameras to monitor a space—recording and preserving everything that happens in detail—a router-based system could detect movements or actions without intruding too much, they said.


5)    A fire in the Okanagan left many without power and one member is asking why??


6)    If anyone has a subscription, I hope you will comment, specifically about the inadequacy and bias of the Len Garis report that everyone wants to depend on or, failing that, email:

news@biv.com  or to Mackin directly at:  bob@bobmackin.ca

He is the only journalist who contacted me but, sadly, much of the most significant information that was in the covering letter was missed.

Regulator rules smart meters not a fire risk but wants more information from utilities – BC Utilities Commission rejects citizen’s complaint over alleged Hydro power meter dangers by Bob Mackin – Business Vancouver – August 29, 2016:



City of Victoria

From: Rey Carr  (name used with permission)
Sent: August 29, 2016
To: Letters (Times-Colonist) <letters@timescolonist.com>
Subject: Letter to the Editor (Phone Radiation)

Dear Editor:

I’m delighted that Victoria City Councillors are concerned about genetically modified plants. Councillors warned that GMOs need to be “adequately tested by a federal agency for long-term impacts on human and environmental health.” I would hope that they apply the same standard to smart meters, cell towers, Wi-Fi, and other forms of radiation that are so pervasive in our city. No such testing has been done. Wireless RF radiation has been documented to have caused a number of adverse health effects including learning disabilities, altered immune responses, headaches and a number of cognitive and behavioural issues in children. I hope that City Council will issue a warning about these radiation sources over which we seem to have no control.

Rey A. Carr



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“You will observe with concern how long a useful truth may be known, and exist, before it is generally received and acted on.”
~  Ben Franklin


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