2016-08-14 $$meters with transmitter disabled are still dangerous.

1)   Many have asked me if having a smeter with the transmitter turned off is safe. No, it isn’t for more than one reason.

a. It is still a fire hazard. A $$mart meter has many design flaws that have nothing to do with the transmitter.

b. Any digital meter, and a $$meter with or without the transmitter turned on, is a digital meter. All digital meters have switch mode power supplies that convert a portion of the AC to DC to run the meter. This creates dirty electricity on the home wiring, to which many people are sensitive. Here is a very good paper describing this:


2)    From a member – re. BC Hydro on Global TV tomorrow evening [August 15, 2016]:  My guess is that BC Hydro will refuse all responsibility if things explode due to their equipment malfunctioning.  Do you know that $$meters cannot protect against power surges the way analogs can?

Saw it advertised last nite on TV.  They will talk about all the exploding gadgets due to power surges.  Lots of angry people in Vancouver I believe!!??  Check it out Monday evening Global TV Channel 8 on our TV – 6 pm news.

If they think they are angry about a few gadgets, see how they feel when they get a brain tumour!!

3)    Another member recommended watching a CNN program that she saw last week – “Morgan Spurlock Inside Man” which was about environmental toxins and included a section about microwave radiation. Many people who are sensitive to RF radiation are also chemically sensitive. It is important to protect the immune system from all of these toxins.


4)    Another paper by Dr. Ronald Powell about dangers of RF from cell phones and towers with many excellent references. More and more cell towers are being erected with many transmitters to support the $$mart grid. And more transmitters are being put on poles right outside homes to support Telus’s Wi-Fi system. All of this is being done without our knowledge or approval, and with no concern that our health is being put at risk.


Dr. Powell has made all of his articles available at:



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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