2016-08-10 Practical problems re. $$smeter security

1)    As described in last night’s update, 5G technology involves higher frequencies than ever used before in wireless devices. By its nature, it will require more transmitters in close proximity to those using the devices. Scientists are advising that allowing this technology to be used without testing is extremely dangerous – and it should be stopped. Here are yet more warnings from a scientist who has worked on studies involving these higher “millimeter waves”. A lot of description is far too technical for me to understand, but there is information that can be understood throughout.

“The KPI paper, in Figure 3, lists how Millimetre Waves directly affect all systems of the human body – Cardiology, Endocrinology, Orthopedics and Traumatology, Digestive System Diseases, Dentistry, Oncology, Neurology and substance addiction. I have seen these clinical systems in action, and have had personal experience of their activity. Why is it that nobody in the West is reading the research from the East? Why has nobody paid attention to devices such as the AMRT-02 — which uses very low levels of 50-70GHz millimetre waves to excite the acupuncture points on a human body without needing needles?”


Here are some studies to which he refers:                  

a) http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2Fs12026-016-8825-7
this is especially interesting, re. EHS.

b) http://cyberleninka.ru/…/equipment-and-technologies-of-low-…

c) http://elibrary.ru/item.asp?id=20308752

2)    More options for going off grid are being developed.


3)    BC Hydro’s ineptitude and mismanagement is continuing and being justified by the CEO. It’s time to pull the plug on these expensive and unnecessary projects like Site C and $$mart grid.

BC Hydro


And here are the salaries for all of these great managers:


4)    Dr. Girish Kumar has compiled more than 200 reports and studies on cell tower and cell phone radiation effects. I have not seen the book but he has generously shared some of his powerpoints which are excellent resources. He has worked, virtually single-handed, to help reduce exposure levels in India which are now about 1/10 of Health Canada’s Safety Code 6.  I would imagine there is information that would help in battles against cell tower sitings in residential areas, etc.

Report on Cell Tower Radiation by Girish Kumar and Neha Kumar – published by LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, Germany – July 05, 2016:


5)    The practical problems of $$meters are outlined clearly – especially those regarding security. Smeters have been installed without consideration for security, and those that are in place in Canada, USA, and elsewhere do not meet any standard – but worse, most utilities and countries have no standards for security, leaving us extremely vulnerable.

“It’s the scenario that no-one in the energy industry wants to talk about – the day that Britain’s smart meters go wrong or get hacked and millions of users lose power. It will probably never happen, but some things have such appalling consequences that we shouldn’t design and deploy something that makes even that small probability possible. But we have. And nobody appears to have thought about making sure it’s possible to recover from it….

Returning to the subject of updates, we need to know that the smart meters which are about to be deployed are fit for purpose. The energy industry should have an equivalent of the Hippocratic oath in which as a minimum, smart meters should do no harm. These are complex, connected devices, so that minimum should mean that they can be quickly updated en masse if security issues are detected, to ensure that they could not be compromised and cut off a household’s electricity.”




Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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